Partly sunny, 17C (14C)

So, the school I was going to teach at decided early this morning that they weren't going to hold classes. I guess the sub who was up there at the time of the quake was stuck overnight with about 200 students. I always miss out on the fun. Also the office staff in Minato-ku were also stuck there overnight (good thing I moved out!).

Everyone who's called me from the office sounds like pretty frazzled, although their homes and families are all okay--apparently several teachers are saying they want to return to their countries. They claim it's because of the earthquakes and tsunami and nuclear reactors' partial meltdowns--can't blame them for being afraid [as irrational as that may be...], but you can blame them for being ignorant cowards. I guess if they're going to do it, now is better than the middle of the term and some excuse is better than none ; but, it's very highly unprofessional because although all new contracts aren't out yet, we've all already signed statements of intent and we're still technically under the previous contracts...

It's beautiful weather, but I'm still on diet so can't go walking and eat out or anything fun like that... meh... I might try to go see a movie later today, though for my budget's sake I prolly shouldn't...

This week I have other engagements, still, as far as I know--a party by the incoming junior high school students' parents tomorrow afternoon and graduation ceremony for my night school seniors the next evening.

Tomorrow before the incoming juniors party I'm expecting some tea to be delivered--longjing/ryuusen/dragonwell--that's supposed to be good for fatigue. I'm still looking for [meng ding] gan lu/kanro/ambrosian tea... Friday I'm expecting a wok and some bamboo steaming baskets I ordered. I've been really hungry for steamed buns for about four weeks, now, and that's one of the first things I want to make once I'm off protocol (diet ends this Saturday), even though I should still avoid carbohydrates for two or three weeks....

I guess that's all for now. Last Thursday I was busy with school meetings and errands, Friday was the quakes so I canceled my planned outings and stayed in all day, Saturday I went out for laundry but was otherwise in all day, Sunday I went out to do some more errands and walk around a little (and broke protocol!) but was otherwise in all day, so today I'm pretty restless already and can't seem to sit down to study which has me frustrated with myself. I've got cravings for various foods I can't eat. I need to be very careful with my money so it's not like I can use this time and energy to go shopping for whatnot and I don't want to unpack anymore without having proper places to put things.

Plus, I'm at that difficult stage of moving that comes after the move is actually done where you know how to get a few things done the hard way but still not enough, and not well enough. I'm having trouble finding cool places... so adjusting to the "cultural differences" [between kansai and kanto--which are considerable! Let me tell you, Tokyo is totally different from everything else in Japan... and I find myself really missing things in kansai sometimes] is kindof tough for me right now. I want to go to some museums and gardens but I need lots of free time [and energy] to deal with all of that. From next week I had planned to get started on it, which is really not all that far off...

I guess I could call NTT and try to order a wireless router....

Aftershocks are continuing, but most are much weaker and they're generally far less frequent. I heard one report that they expect them to continue for years. I also heard another report that they're "expecting" another big quake sometime this week. "Expecting"? Really? Fools.

P.S. Rolling blackouts starting today--I'm in "group 3", which means I'm out of electricity from 12h20 to 16h00 local time. And train service is interrupted so we're advised to stay home. YaY!


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