Mostly cloudy, 11C (6C)

Okay, so work event today has been cancelled--probably tomorrow as well.


I want to get out of the apartment, but I need a good excuse!

Aftershocks are getting more jolty--maybe the building's riders are getting worn out?

I've decided my foul mood, unusual cravings, and recent slight weight gain rather than loss are all because I'm fucking female. Timing's about right. So I'm pissy because it looks like the last week of protocol is going to be wasted on that bullshit. Meanwhile, I noticed a hole in my one pair of jeans the other day but I don't want to buy another pair until after the next round at the earliest--and can't afford to, really--I've got tuition and books to worry about and I still haven't paid my Japanese city taxes since the bankruptcy last year which all makes me very nervous, anyway...

But, anyway, all this pissiness is only all the more reason to stay in--I probably won't hold to protocol in this kind of situation ; but lots and lots of businesses are closed anyway, "because of the earthquakes". Way to go, gov't of Japan--strangle what economic activity you could have going on!

My mom's harping on how I should go get bottled water and potassium iodide tablets like it's so effortless. First off, I doubt there's any bottled water left at the supermarket but even if there is I'd have to carry it back to the apartment--three litres a day and a week supply at minimum is too fucking much to deal with. And potassium iodide tablets [or drops, even] are not so easy to get (read : ostensibly impossible)! But there is potassium iodide in ugaigusuri and dog food... =_= I'll leave it to the authorities--as a foreigner I'll be last in line, so until then I'll just practice holding my breath... :-P

I'd like to download a new anime series or something to help me stay distracted, but I haven't found anything really worth watching that isn't ongoing... blegh. Oh, and dl links for this year's [subbed!!] taiga drama aren't working properly! I'm five episodes behind!

Grr... vegetables and electricity are going to be expensive again, this year...

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Nono, I drink about 2 litres. Japan disaster agency, or wtvr, recommends having 3--I think for cooking (rice!) and cleaning...

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ooh, I see. Lol I though you drank 3 litres a day, that'd be way too much. Back in my secondary school days, I used to drink 3 litres a day but it was really too much. I felt as if my salt intake was all dissolved in the water i drank. XD;


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