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Now... I'm not going to be unreasonable and say it's the worst haircut I've ever had in my life--there's always that time when I was eight years old and had the fantastic idea of layering bangs and simply *could* *not* *wait* to try it out so continued to do so on my own--but while I'm being honest, it's also not really what I wanted.

And there's lots of shakka-shakka, which I can't friggin' stand, but it was clear that it would just be asking too much to tell the hairdresser to knock it off. Also, this is the third time I've had a cut/styling here in Japan and the overwhelming instinct seems to be for them to fuwa-fuwa-fy my hair. I'm not not such a damned girly-girl. I like sleek, angles, integration, clean and trending toward compact or inward-pointing ; not poofy, wavy, fluffy, blended, outward-pointing, fuzzy-lined... anyway.

The good thing about hair, of course, it that it grows. So maybe at the endin the middle of summer (in three or four months or so), I'll go somewhere trendy in Shibuya and try again. I did go ahead and have it colored--this place is convenient to my apartment and so is also on the cheaper side. The color isn't really what I wanted, either, but it's not bad [not nearly as bad as shakka-shakka!] and I'm sure I'll come to appreciate it more than I do right now.

I'll have to figure something out about these bangs, though... maybe a better-defined part and a little flatter...?

Whatever, I'll deal with that later. Have the first blossom on my sakura-bonsai :

Nice, y/y?

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I think your new haircut is nice and suit you though! You look cute there (though maybe cute isn't the word you want as a compliment XD;)

And it's nice to have a sakura bonzai. How i wish there are seasons in my country so I can buy one, too. :(

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Thanks. "Cute" is better than some other adjectives I can think of... I just hope it looks alright to my students (and coworkers!). Seriously, as long as it's okay with the ppl I have to be around I can cope with being less than 100% pleased with it, myself (if other ppl think it's not so good, though, I might die from over-self-consciousness!)--at least until I can grow it out long enough to give it another try.

Maybe you can't have a sakura-bonsai, but surely another kind of plant/flower.... Maybe a tsubasa? ;-)

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Sorry, super-delayed response here ;p. Anything, I think the haircut came out nicely, I think you look nice with it :). Of course you're the one who has to wear it, so it's really only your opinion that counts here...

How are things in Tokyo anyhow, are they settling at all? Are the trains starting to run to schedule yet and all that? I know I read in the LA Times recently that for instance the hotels near Tokyo Disney are being used as shelters for displaced persons from the Tohoku region... it's so hard to imagine the Tokyo that I was in just 5 months ago in the conditions that the papers here describe it, in terms of the somber mood and the power rationing, I saw a photo of Shibuya from the Hachikoguchi with all of the surrounding buildings' lights almost completely dark, it's just hard to conceptualize that.

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Enh... late is better than not at all--and thanks. I guess it's not bad persay... it's just not what I wanted.

Anyway, about Tokyo--yeah, things are kept dim and cold, here. Trains are not back to normal, but somehow we still get around. I've spent virtually all of my time at my apartment, but starting this week I need to make a point of getting out a bit more.... Everyone's doing what they can to conserve but rolling blackouts in the metro area outside the city proper are still necessary (though several of them have been cancelled--we're all doing a good job toughing out the cold with extra blankets and foregoing heaters). I'm concerned about this summer, though.

Stranger than the darkened nightlife, however, are the combini (and some restaurants and other businesses) kept at 1/2-power or less all the time (dark in broad daylight!) and bare or empty shelves where various products should be. Generally, fewer people are out and about.

For now, though, I hear sakura season has come to Tokyo, and it's fleeting so I think everyone's trying to get the most out of that as they can--except for me, really, which I shall attempt to remedy somehow this week....

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Wow :(. I had kind of thought the product shortages would've worked their way through the supply chain by now.

As to sakura, I'd definitely go to Rikugien, near Komagome Station on the Yamanote and Namboku lines. The park was just stunningly beautiful. I was there in the fall so they were having events for koyo then - they had this amazing exhibit of stunning lighting set amongst all of the trees and leaves, even lighting in the ponds to "backlight" the water. It really was stunning and, if you're on that side of the Yamanote line, it's not far at all from you. For sakura they're probably doing more "traditional" staging, particularly with the social pressure of the power issues, but that park was easily the most beautiful I'd ever seen, far more than NYC's Central Park. We were there in the evening for the koyo exhibition but I imagine the sakura during the day would be breathtaking.

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Thanks for the park recommendation, actually. I need a good park for walking in all times of year and while I have a guide-magazine for self-guided walking tours of Tokyo that has some parks included... I suddenly find myself with really limited time. Such a recommendation is prolly a sure-win. So, thanks! :-)

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Personally, I think the haircut is adorable... as is the bonsai!

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Thanks! :-)

...and better late than never. So thanks for taking the time.


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