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Sunny, 14C (15C)

Woah, self! Things aren't so bad! You need to stop being a pissy little bitch like ten minutes ago, for serious. That's it, eat your fried wtvr-the-fuck chicken and your agedashi doufu--drink your secret stash-can of Dr. Pepper [for emergencies!(tm)] while you're at it--watch some funny anime and no more fogged pissiness for the rest of the doggarned day!

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Or maybe take a shower and a nap while listening to some soothing music. That's what I do usually, not sure if it works for you, though.

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A good thought! However! If I take a shower, I'll be cold when I get out and I'm trying to conserve energy with the rest of Tokyo (so I avoid using the heater unless I'm utterly miserable) and my sleep cycle is messed up enough without trying to take a nap in the middle of the day, also....

But all good ideas! And I've done that and it's been effective in other situations... this is just not one such situation.

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Secret stash-can?

That's your problem! You need a secret stash-case. I have about 4-5 cases bricked up in the corner because you just never know when a catastrophe might strike and it would be the only way I could survive...

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Well-said--but I live in Japan, and space is at a premium!

BTW, welcome back from the dead! It's a pleasure to see an old friend re-activate. ;-D What's different in your life, now?

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You just need to be more creative then, like say a table made out of cases of Dr. Pepper!

Not much is different for me if you compare this moment in time to back when I dropped off the net. Just working a different job, getting things in order again, etc. I haven't done anything radical like get married...

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Ahh, good point!

So is that mostly a good thing or no?

I remember feeling much the same about my life once I'd got back into college before studying in France. I thought, "meh, it's about the same as it was/would be if the last two years didn't happen..." (the two years covering the time I dropped out and ran away). It's kindof a weird feeling... almost like déjà vu, actually....


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