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( Jan. 5th, 2011 01:25 am)
Partly cloudy, 4C (6C)

I must say, having the microwave packed has made me feel much less anxious. Also, I cooked enough meats for all my lunches this week. My poor diet's been through hell...

Actually, I'm still on schedule, even if I'm anxious about it.

Also, I got my last flowers for this apartment--I really like them. Irises, some all-yellow much, smaller, iris-esque looking flower I can't remember the name of and carnations. They smell really good--both the irises and the yellow-non-irises. :-D It's a *really* appealing bouquet.

See? )

When ppl give me flower-patterned or designed things, they seem to be either ume or irises. I don't know much about hana kotoba (the language of flowers), but from what I've gathered, ume are hope because they're basically the first trees to flower in late winter and irises are perseverance/elegance because they're at their best [as cut flowers] when the weather's at it's worst.

Anyway, otherwise, the situation hasn't really changed--but for the moment my attitude has, and that will make quite a big difference.

Anyway, I accidentally ended up staying up later than I had intended... More chores to wake up early for, tomorrow.


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