sjcarpediem: (Painting - Monet Spring Garden Bridge)
( Jan. 8th, 2011 10:17 am)
Partly sunny, 2C (4C)

Between the short sleep, the heating issues at school (as in, my classroom not being much warmer than the snow flurries outside), and the little pots of infectious disease I teach, I may have caught a going-away cold.


I'll see what I can do about it. But if it's caught, it's caught, and that's just gonna suck a lot for me...

I've decided not to make my lunch for today--to avoid having one more thing to potentially forget at the school--and will buy something from the grocery on the way in ; to which, speaking of which, I will soon go. No use sitting around fretting about packing my laundry detergent while I still have one last load to wash (tonight)...

Calm, happy, efficient thoughts...

This past month has been something else... and it's not over, yet. The only moves I'm used to being this sudden are generally bad or disaster or both. But maybe after this I can break that mould. I hope.


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