Partly cloudy, 4C (4C)

Saw Unstoppable, tonight. I almost didn't. At 21h10 I was like, "Steph, are you really going to go see a movie [started at 21h45 so if I was going I'd've had to leave the house in five minutes] the night before you're moving across the damned foreign country." And then I was like, "Hells, yeah, I am." Good adrenaline release ; maybe I'll actually get some sleep, tonight.

But, oy... someone come keep me company while I pack? Maybe?

I'm glad it's wrapping up about as quickly as I had imagined, though... :-) About... So far, so good. Let the good times roll on... like that unmanned freight train from the motion picture, tonight...

I'm starting to lose track a little bit of where exactly things are... I haven't even started on the suitcases, yet. But they'll be last/next-to-last, anyway. Actually... I might end up nesting the two biggest ones so that I only takkyuubin one... we'll see. It depends a lot on... maybe the laundry detergent.

Anyway, I'll stay up packing late enough to get this load of wash hung--it should be dry enough in the morning ; or, at least, ten minutes before the bag(s) should be picked up.

Time might be a little prickly tomorrow, actually. Various representatives want to inspect at 14h00. I told them I have no control over when the hikkoshi service comes. I can only hope they come around noon. Well, between ten or eleven and one would probably be fine. I can only do what I can do. The rest is not actually my problem, because it's not my responsibility or subject to my power/influence.

I might actually be carrying more than I care to, tomorrow.... but... I should survive, nonetheless. With the help of the omnipotent, infinite, transcendental force of the universe.
Mostly cloudy, 1C (-3C)

Well, that was the most dreadfully restless night of non-sleep I've passed in a very long time...

Now to finish up packing! In the course of that, I'll be taking down the modem--send me good thoughts!


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