Clear, 13C (12C)

So I found a recipe online for Hamentashen with the general idea of taking cake mix and thickening it to cookie-dough texture with baking flour and making hamentashen (stuffed/filled cookies) with it.

So I made hamentashen for purim this year!

:-D )
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( Mar. 19th, 2011 03:07 pm)
Partly sunny, 18C (17C)

So I had this conversation either yesterday or the day before (they're all crowding in to one another...) which made me pause to wonder, "Am I an asshole?" I decided that I'm probably not an asshole but it's probably all-too-easy to mistake me for one. [And my interlocutor was being a hardcore gakki.] So I should maybe, prolly be a little more sensitive/careful of that in the future... or more meta. Of course, I can't really be certain, seeing as how I have no friends and spend almost all my time alone.... Hmm...

Yesterday one of my schools rescheduled their junior high school graduation for this morning, so I went to sit through that. This is a several-hours long ceremony even for a class as small as 35 or 150 graduating students. Perhaps once I've got a few more under my belt I'll jot up and exposée for y'all. It's actually kindof amusing if you pretend you're a monarch... Not that I'm an asshole or anything...

On my way home, I walked all over Japan Tokyo town (not precisely, it went like this : stn --> gourmet grocer --> local supermarket --> combini (near stn) --> apartment) looking for toilet paper. Usually I keep a monster supply, but I just moved and I only bring two rolls with me when I move. Anyway, all the toilet paper is gone. There is no toilet paper for sale in Tokyo--at least not at the three stores I went to. This is strange to me, I mean, does toilet paper have some [semi-]magical prophylactic, preservative, or primary-responder application of which I am unaware? Good thing I have some boxed tissue. After three active attempts and no success my search will now enter a holding pattern of passive-search/wait-and-see. Here's hoping the tissue holds out.

But that brings me to my next point--I suspect there may be some tom-foolery going on, here. I mean, the little gourmet grocer at the train station near my apartment is restocking items, the combini are restocking items, but the supermarket near my apartment is not restocking things on the floor shelves. WTF? I won't believe you if you try to tell me all the toilet paper in Japan is made in Tohoku (the affected region...), because I used to live in Paper Town, Japan, and I know for a fact via life experience that SHIKOKU is where a good deal of the toilet paper in Japan is made.... Anyway, toilet paper and geography aside, I suspect some unscrupulous vendors may be opting to encourage panic buying among the populace rather than ensure a steady supply of goods. Either that or this particular supermarket is closing and saw this combination disaster as a good opportunity to sell out stock...

Changing lanes once again, I made some rangoon using wonton wrappers in my new wok, today. I'll have to work on that a little bit. Tolerable, but both could and should be better. Also, I should get a proper deep-frying pan. Yes, that would be for the best.

Also! My Longjingcha/ryuusencha/dragonswell tea has finally arrived! I'm quite excited--perhaps too excited--it is only tea--and am looking forward to trying it... soon.

Speaking of food : Something I realized in a new way all over again recently is how very comforting a mouthful of fresh bread is. Strange, but worth being aware of. Especially since today is the final day of Round 2 of my diet program for this year and it wasn't as smashingly successful as I'd hoped (though 10 kilos less is still better than no kilos less and way better than the 20 kilos more this project started at). There were a few reasons for that : I hit a preset and didn't get over it until the day before a one-day planned interruption which ended up taking out about a week, then I hit another preset ; so while I was on protocol for two-and-a-half weeks longer, I lost about the same amount of weight so I'm somewhat less than fully satisfied with my results. The density of stress and activity was not well-distributed which led to some psychological weaknesses (especially this past week) on which I capitulated, other systemic issues which are beyond my control, and I'm pretty sure that forgetting to unpack my vitamins in Minato-ku was a psychological undermine because the cravings which I occasionally wrongly responded to were for various sources of very specific nutrition.

About Round 3 (of four planned rounds). According to the program, there should be at least 6 weeks between rounds. I started Round 2 early (after about 4 weeks, with bad timing to the rest of my body) to save money, and will probably start Round 3 early (after about 4 weeks, with *much* better timing to the rest of my body) to save time. We'll see how the interim/recovery period goes...
Partly sunny, 4C (4C)

I'm pretty sure I'm a glutton...

And yet sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by all the things I want to learn more about, do more about that I seem to never really start.

God help me.
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( Mar. 16th, 2011 01:33 pm)
Mostly cloudy, 10C (9C)

So aftershocks aren't aftershocks so much anymore as they are separate earthquakes (although weak). Last night there was a 6 out of Shizuoka-ken, about an hour ago there was a 5.5 out of Chiba-ken. These are not on the same fault line as the 9.0 from Friday but are obviously related ; after all, 13feet of the Japanese plate slid under the Pacific plate it's to be expected that the other lines will need to adjust a little as well. At least the winds--which have picked up--are still out of the SSE. (LoL! As soon as I wrote that, it shifted to NNW!) Oh, yeah... and *loads* more emergency sirens, today.

I did go out for an errand and some shopping (even though I don't need groceries until Sunday, I was curious to see what state the supermarket is in). Lots of shelves are empty, others are not. Cup noodles are popular, but canned asparagus is not. Fools. I did get footwarmers, though, which are already making my electrical conservation efforts more comfortable. Tonight it's supposed to drop to 1C.

My night school kids are still graduating tonight. I'm looking forward to going.

When I was at Tulane, I had another such occasion. My adult literacy students were graduating from the program. I heard afterward that my students had been really disappointed that I wasn't there. I thought it wasn't any more important to them than my own graduation ceremonies were to me. I guess I was wrong about that. So since then I've wanted the opportunity to sortof repair that error in judgment. Tonight's my chance.
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( Mar. 15th, 2011 01:36 pm)
Cloudy, 11C (8C)




I miss Kobe.

Ugh. Everything sucks.

I want sliced plums, dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds, raisins, walnuts, honey-wheat bread and cornbread, moo shu beef with extra beef and extra hoisin and steamed broccoli and carrots, braised salmon, orange chicken, 'crab' rangoon, three kinds of tea (oolong, mint, and green), and Dr. Pepper... etc. I want synagogue, nankin-machi, Kyoto and Nara on the weekends, friends and anime and movies. I want seishun jyuuhachi kippu travel. I want go class and shamisen lessons. And I especially want to not be stuck halfway up a mountain in Shikoku wherever I go....

Okay, so that got a little dramatic towards the end... but my point stands!

I thought about heading out to the grocery, today--just to get out of the apartment and move around a bit (both of which would be really good!)--but I would almost definitely break protocol if I did that and I don't really *need* the things on my list right now...
Mostly cloudy, 11C (6C)

Okay, so work event today has been cancelled--probably tomorrow as well.


I want to get out of the apartment, but I need a good excuse!

Aftershocks are getting more jolty--maybe the building's riders are getting worn out?

I've decided my foul mood, unusual cravings, and recent slight weight gain rather than loss are all because I'm fucking female. Timing's about right. So I'm pissy because it looks like the last week of protocol is going to be wasted on that bullshit. Meanwhile, I noticed a hole in my one pair of jeans the other day but I don't want to buy another pair until after the next round at the earliest--and can't afford to, really--I've got tuition and books to worry about and I still haven't paid my Japanese city taxes since the bankruptcy last year which all makes me very nervous, anyway...

But, anyway, all this pissiness is only all the more reason to stay in--I probably won't hold to protocol in this kind of situation ; but lots and lots of businesses are closed anyway, "because of the earthquakes". Way to go, gov't of Japan--strangle what economic activity you could have going on!

My mom's harping on how I should go get bottled water and potassium iodide tablets like it's so effortless. First off, I doubt there's any bottled water left at the supermarket but even if there is I'd have to carry it back to the apartment--three litres a day and a week supply at minimum is too fucking much to deal with. And potassium iodide tablets [or drops, even] are not so easy to get (read : ostensibly impossible)! But there is potassium iodide in ugaigusuri and dog food... =_= I'll leave it to the authorities--as a foreigner I'll be last in line, so until then I'll just practice holding my breath... :-P

I'd like to download a new anime series or something to help me stay distracted, but I haven't found anything really worth watching that isn't ongoing... blegh. Oh, and dl links for this year's [subbed!!] taiga drama aren't working properly! I'm five episodes behind!

Grr... vegetables and electricity are going to be expensive again, this year...
Partly sunny, 17C (14C)

So, the school I was going to teach at decided early this morning that they weren't going to hold classes. I guess the sub who was up there at the time of the quake was stuck overnight with about 200 students. I always miss out on the fun. Also the office staff in Minato-ku were also stuck there overnight (good thing I moved out!).

Everyone who's called me from the office sounds like pretty frazzled, although their homes and families are all okay--apparently several teachers are saying they want to return to their countries. They claim it's because of the earthquakes and tsunami and nuclear reactors' partial meltdowns--can't blame them for being afraid [as irrational as that may be...], but you can blame them for being ignorant cowards. I guess if they're going to do it, now is better than the middle of the term and some excuse is better than none ; but, it's very highly unprofessional because although all new contracts aren't out yet, we've all already signed statements of intent and we're still technically under the previous contracts...

It's beautiful weather, but I'm still on diet so can't go walking and eat out or anything fun like that... meh... I might try to go see a movie later today, though for my budget's sake I prolly shouldn't...

This week I have other engagements, still, as far as I know--a party by the incoming junior high school students' parents tomorrow afternoon and graduation ceremony for my night school seniors the next evening.

Tomorrow before the incoming juniors party I'm expecting some tea to be delivered--longjing/ryuusen/dragonwell--that's supposed to be good for fatigue. I'm still looking for [meng ding] gan lu/kanro/ambrosian tea... Friday I'm expecting a wok and some bamboo steaming baskets I ordered. I've been really hungry for steamed buns for about four weeks, now, and that's one of the first things I want to make once I'm off protocol (diet ends this Saturday), even though I should still avoid carbohydrates for two or three weeks....

I guess that's all for now. Last Thursday I was busy with school meetings and errands, Friday was the quakes so I canceled my planned outings and stayed in all day, Saturday I went out for laundry but was otherwise in all day, Sunday I went out to do some more errands and walk around a little (and broke protocol!) but was otherwise in all day, so today I'm pretty restless already and can't seem to sit down to study which has me frustrated with myself. I've got cravings for various foods I can't eat. I need to be very careful with my money so it's not like I can use this time and energy to go shopping for whatnot and I don't want to unpack anymore without having proper places to put things.

Plus, I'm at that difficult stage of moving that comes after the move is actually done where you know how to get a few things done the hard way but still not enough, and not well enough. I'm having trouble finding cool places... so adjusting to the "cultural differences" [between kansai and kanto--which are considerable! Let me tell you, Tokyo is totally different from everything else in Japan... and I find myself really missing things in kansai sometimes] is kindof tough for me right now. I want to go to some museums and gardens but I need lots of free time [and energy] to deal with all of that. From next week I had planned to get started on it, which is really not all that far off...

I guess I could call NTT and try to order a wireless router....

Aftershocks are continuing, but most are much weaker and they're generally far less frequent. I heard one report that they expect them to continue for years. I also heard another report that they're "expecting" another big quake sometime this week. "Expecting"? Really? Fools.

P.S. Rolling blackouts starting today--I'm in "group 3", which means I'm out of electricity from 12h20 to 16h00 local time. And train service is interrupted so we're advised to stay home. YaY!
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( Mar. 11th, 2011 06:03 pm)
Light rain, 9C (2C)

Right, so those earthquakes weren't just me.

This is a general announcement that all's well with me and there's no need to worry. I've been riding it out in my seismic-coping building and haven't even been out--staying in is actually safer than leaving because the streets I live on are already narrow.

There were two or three particularly big ones--the biggest seemed like a 7.5 by the time I felt it here in Tokyo and shook for quite a long time--it was really strange because I could feel it coming by quite a distance--the others were around 6.0s. The aftershocks are all around 3.5s to 4.0s, after an hour like that they're finally weakening a bit... I sometimes hear emergency response sirens and helicopters are circling the area pretty regularly. No debris or anything in the streets, some locals seem to be a bit upset as I hear some commotion from time to time and more foot-traffic than usual. I haven't checked on train service, actually...

Gas was turned off basically immediately--when it comes back on I plan to take a shower--but water and electricity are still available and I don't foresee them becoming unavailable.

To avoid high-tension crowds and whatnot I haven't even left and canceled my plans to go out to do laundry, run some errands, and go out to synagogue tonight. All but synagogue will just have to wait until tomorrow [synagogue until next week]. Some stuff has fallen but nothing's broken and after every three or four aftershocks I go push the books back into my bookcase. I'm rather impressed with my building's earthquake riders, actually--and it's only one year younger than I am!

There are lots of aftershocks, though. It'll prolly cause trouble trying to sleep, tonight.

I'm supposed to go teach at a school literally on the banks of the Edo-gawa in Ibaraki-ken on Monday. I should prolly try to get some kind of damage/status report before I make the trip out there since it seems to be in the area where some of the initial tsunami struck. Otherwise--you coastal folks get out of the damned way.

P.S. Internet's on at my place... now to get wifi set up... hmm...
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( Mar. 8th, 2011 04:20 pm)
Today I was subbing at a jrsr high school and some of my students actually came to the teachers' room on their lunch to chat with me...

That's the first time that's happened! And they even knew I wasn't going to be their new regular teacher.

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( Mar. 2nd, 2011 04:48 pm)
Today I secured more work, though I may still want to get another job...

Then I went to the library, got a library card and checked out a kids' book that I can totally read and enjoy.

PS, I'll be taking JLPT 3 this summer and 2 this winter. I wonder if I can pass level 1 by the winter of my fifth year...

I should be online, soon!

Also got my first invoice for graduate school. It's almost real...

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( Feb. 15th, 2011 03:52 pm)
It's freaking cold. There was a lot of snow last night... I was happy not to die walking on the slushy roads to my new train station this morning. Yamanote line between Ueno and Akihabara is insane at a quarter past eight in the morning. I think I'll try Keihin-Touhoku line next week.

I got my last pay from GEOS ; and will be spending basically all of it on some appliances and furniture. Not even all of what I want, but, whatever. I'm getting a fridge, a stove, a heater for downstairs, a bookcase, a desk, and a deskchair. Those will all be really great to have (only one room is heated/cooled and that room is nowhere near the 'shower booth').

I still want a washer/dryer, a dresser, a bed frame, a desklamp, a floorlamp, a small sofa (I saw one for 5000yen with storage space!), a coffee table, a small rug, curtains, and lots of prints of beautiful paintings. That will all come later--I hope.

I also sent out another slew of inquiries/applications with coverletters and resumes for parttime work. Now that I've actually been accepted into the Birmingham program I'm really worried about paying for it. I don't like being poor. I don't really need to be too rich, but not poor. So, anyway, I'm trying to pick up some more work. With a little help, it'll all work out. A little more help shouldn't be too exceptional, given all the help I'm getting lately, anyway...

Tonight I hope to sort out as much of Internet reservations and whatnot as I can... but it'll still prolly take longer than I want... because I prolly need to have my actual gaijin card--it got so full of addresses that I had to register to renew it while I was living at the company. Now that I've moved, I have to re-register, again, but need to wait on the card to do that and prettymuch anything else. You're supposed to register within 10 days of moving, I can't hope to have the new card earlier than 12 days after moving. Ahhh, legal cracks. I hope that's okay as well.

Nobody I invited to go to Kariyushi said they'd go, so my reservation stands at one. Whatever. I'll have my own celebration and maybe make some more one-night friends. I find it somewhat humorous how my life has [d]evolved from one-night stands and sexual liaisons to one-night friendships to one-night acquaintances. Good thing I don't like cats all that much and can therefore never become a "cat lady".

I'm tempted more and more to try to start some kind of relationship ; but I know better than that so thusfar I've managed to avoid it. Anyway, time to go give away all my money in exchange for some other stuff.

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( Feb. 13th, 2011 08:11 am)
Partly sunny, 0C (-5C)

Oh, yeah, and I forgot to mention I'm a little frustrated because I've hit a preset and been stuck at basically the same weight for nine days now. I hope it breaks like five seconds ago and I can start losing again.

Next weekend I'm still going to the Kariyushi show after judging a speech contest and that day I'm definitely not going to stay on protocol [which could result in not losing for three days after], so even though I should be able to do a full 50-day-run this time (instead of the shorter 39-day run I managed last round), that'll be 12 days, already that I won't be losing... Meh... Stupid body. Let go of the fat, stupid body! You'll like it better that way, I promise! Also, I really hope this is the last major preset I have to deal with. I had one last round, too, and that took ten days to get over... Presets that take two or three days to get over are probably fine. But these longer ones suck a lot.

Anyway, it's already past 08h00, and I've got to finish packing a few things. Oh, and get dressed.

I feel like today's my last chance to be online for an indefinite period of time... which makes me want to stay. While all of that is true, I do think I will be online again eventually. And even if I don't like it, I can go for extended periods without the Internet....
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( Feb. 12th, 2011 09:46 pm)
Miserable freezing rain, 3C (-3C)

My go ranking dropped. That's it. No more resigning games. Once I know I'm losing, I'll just play crazy till the other guy passes.

I want to be good at go, damnit! Someone teach me in a language I understand very well and easily....

I want to be good at so many things, but I feel like this is the biggest challenge for me right now.

In other [less significant, mind you,...] news, I signed contracts and got the key for my new apartment today. So much Japanese legalese I couldn't speak or write properly for an hour or so after... Tomorrow I move in. All the utilities except Internet are on. I have to arrange a new contract with NTT [East, remember?].

Tuesday I get my last paycheck from GEOS ; I plan to buy appliances with it.

I also need to get tea towels for introduction gifts to my neighbors. I think I'll go out for that after the boxes are moved and at least the futon and clothes chest is sorted.

No more morning and evening go games for a while. I hope to get a tall, wide bookcase soon (also with Tuesday's pay, but on Rakuten so delivery won't be immediate), then I can unpack my books--including the go ones, and I'll read those again. Maybe this time it'll sink through my hard, thick skull into my brain, where I'll make good use of it.

I'd like to get several things with that paycheck. I hope it's bigger than I'm expecting!

Still no word on two of the parttime jobs I applied to--one already said I live too far away from them. No other ideas for paying tuition, yet.

After another two weeks or so, I should be back online. To various effect.

God help me--on so many fronts.
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( Feb. 6th, 2011 03:08 pm)
Mostly cloudy, 11C (14C)

I'm so frustrated. It's about igo. After months and months, last night and today I logged back in to PandaNet and KGS.

I keep losing. I can make life but I always fall short on territory. But nobody wants to play a 13x13 board...

I know the shape I'm making is heavy and clunky and ugly, but I can't make a good shape. I'm always in gote and it sucks really hard. Whether I play white or black, I always have to respond and never get to initiate. I feel like a complete moron. Seriously. Complete. Moron. And playing more games... I'm just losing more. And I really don't want to be one of those ppl with 18000 losses and 11000 wins and still barely 16kyu... That's not cool. It's not fun. I want to enjoy it, damnit!

I duno what the hell to do to improve. It's pissing me off. My Japanese is so low that reading books on igo theory are too much work and trouble and I can't get through anything. Replaying my own games... not really useful. Maybe I should replay other games... for instance, those played by people who actually know how to play...

Tsumego are fine but don't address the problem of how to actually freaking play. I mean, I get the gist but none of my games ever seem to go that way. That's no good. Why don't they follow the standard sequence of phases!? The only thing I can guess is that lower-level players that I'm matched against don't know enough about it to know they're playing out of order, and I'm too low-level to get games with higher-level players.

On KGS, it's seriously like most of the ppl on there are just throwing stones around thinking, "I'll crush you!"--what about the game!? It's a goddamned game, not a first-person shooter. You have to build it.

I almost want someone sitting next to me to tell me if I'm understanding the board and the moves correctly. I don't want to play another pro until I can at least handle ppl in my own ranking. And I want to progress in the rankings!

I need to be more independent. I need to study more. I need to... somehow... come to some sort of understanding with this that allows it to be fun.
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( Feb. 5th, 2011 02:05 pm)
Sunny, 9C (11C)

I located the one synagogue I know of in Tokyo last night. I woke up depressed.



I have officially been offered a place on the Birmingham program! :-D

Take that, TAU!

But, god help me, I don't know how I'm going to pay for it...

toriaizu, I think I should just accept it now and then worry about actually starting in April or October when the time comes for me to pay....

(Accolades are indeed welcome, as I could use the cheering up just a bit : I wish I could go celebrate, but I'm too poor and friendless. >[ )


I have decided that in two weeks' time I shall attend the live musical event presented by the Okinawan band I love, Kariyushi! Until that time (um, actually, until a few days in advance since I'm reserving for it), I will invite along anyone and everyone who will listen!

It shall be wondrous fun and celebration! And it'll be after I get paid so I'll feel rich even though I won't be! But it'll be good for me judging by this morning!

Don't you wish you were coming?!

Yes! I totally changed all the punctuation to exclamation marks! Now it's even more exciting!

==/ EDIT==
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( Feb. 3rd, 2011 08:52 am)
Partly sunny, 3C (3C)

OHNOEZ! The raffle has been cancelled! Two days after it was supposed to be held! Now, where is my magical liberating windfall going to come from!?

I already started applying for parttime teaching jobs this week... wish me luck!

I need appliances and furniture! I want a savings account! I want to pay my taxes! I want to be able to afford my tuition once I finally get into graduate school (and for cantankerous reasons, student loans are not available)! I need to buy some new clothes as I keep losing weight! I have to keep buying traveler's health insurance! I want to repay my debts! God help me! It's overwhelming. And, as expected, the higher salary will be absorbed by the fact that I'm earning it in Tokyo. Even with a well-paying parttime job, I won't be able to afford all of that...

I've almost got the apartment, and it's a good deal--better than what most of my coworkers have--but it's still going to cost 1/3 of my salary (including the deposit for my company to guarantee me). 1/3! That's really dangerous! So I need to increase my income!! (Also, I still don't know just how much of my salary I'll be getting on payday...)

God, please let me see how everything works out for the best... In recent months I've been running into a lot of those writing/thinking prompts that ask you to imagine a time that you thought things worked out badly, but in hindsight, you see they worked out for the best so I've been thinking about this repeatedly over a longish period of time and I've found : I don't have times like those. What is that supposed to meeeaaan!?

I can't come up with a single time in my life when that's been the case : I am buffeted around by forces I can't control, try to land on my feet and when I don't I try to at least get onto them, I try to make the best of a situation and get the most out of it developmentally, practice being a good person as much as I can and just when I'm getting good at it, or just when I'm about to transition to the next thing, that old unforseeable wind blows again. It's never a matter of, "oh, it would have been better if that had worked out" just "that became an impossibility I couldn't surmount so I've tried to grow anyway"... While I may have picked up a thing or two on the alternate route, they don't really compare to what I would have gained if things had just gone my way. It's not that I don't appreciate what I have learned ; more like, I still appreciate what I wanted. Or something... I'm still working on that part of my personality, though. So, one day, maybe I'll have a proper answer for those kinds of prompts...

Speaking of Tokyo. It's not Kansai. This is kindof sad. It makes me feel kindof lonely and more out-of-place than usual because I haven't really found things I like to do here, or ways to do the things I've enjoyed in the past. And I won't be able to start looking, really, for quite a while, still. It's going to be hard. March may not be so difficult, but February is going to suck. July, August, September, October, November, December, January, and now February, too... I hope the suck ends with February. God help me.

Oh, but also speaking of Tokyo, later this month I'm going with a bunch of junior high school kids to various sights and attractions around town--so maybe that'll be fun! :-)
I'm thinking of changing my last name to Wayfarer.

Actually, I've been thinking of changing it since I was about seven, but I think this is the first good idea I've had for what to change it to...

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Rainy, 4C (-2C)

So I feel like staying out all night playing this past Saturday really wasn't a waste because I went exploring, had good social interactions and talked up a storm without a lick of English for several consecutive hours on a variety of topics...

... Even though I spent more money than I should have and now I need to spend 1000yen/day or less, which is going to be tough. And my next paycheck won't even be a full one--unless the company is SUPER generous and pays me from the first since I did start work for them from the first day of the third term and they pay a monthly wage regardless of school holidays...! Anyway, woe and uncertainty is money... And I'll have to pay to move! (I hope the apartment works out and the other moving company I emailed today says they can move my stuff across town for, like, ichi-man-en or something substantially less than kuro-neko's hikkoshi service san-man-en...OMG! they want even more money!) Speaking of money, I'm hoping my last paycheck from GEOS will cover buying appliances and bookshelves. God help me.

Anyway, back to the main point : I really think it was one of those barrier-breaking kinds of nights for language exercise, etc. It also helped me boost my self-confidence a little bit. I made some Japanese friends! If only for a few hours...

The unfortunate part being that now my little brain has been running at full capacity while I'm awake thinking in/about Japanese and teaching English (but not just English and Japanese, some other languages are getting up in that mix and some of the syntax (not to mention the lexis!) in my head is getting a bit loony) and while I'm asleep having crazy nonsense dreams that are clearly my brain [re]organizing itself along these themes.

When I can sleep, that is. Which is my problem, now. I thought I was tired enough an hour and a half ago and forwent the sleep aid ; but an hour and a half later I'm no less alert--in fact perhaps more so. And that's after I read two chapters from one applied linguistics text and another chapter from a second volume. So I've taken the sleep aid, but now getting up in the morning is going to be more of a struggle... And I'll have to take pains to remember not to blow my daily budget on coffee/espresso... Oy.

Bah, you win some and lose some, I guess. There's still so much... god help me. And I already bought groceries for a fantastic taco night for tomorrow's dinner! Assembling ingredients was so much easier to do in Tokyo than anywhere else in Japan I've tried it, so far--and at least no more expensive than elsewhere.

P.S. I know of no fewer than two, TWO, sources of Dr. Pepper within 500meters. I don't even have to take a train to get to either of them!

Anyway, enough asides, I ought to try sleeping again, soon.
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( Jan. 22nd, 2011 03:28 pm)
Apartment almost get!

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