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Birthdate:May 14
I expect the friendship, the esteem, and the gratitude of my readers. Their gratitude, if reading my memoirs will have given instruction and pleasure. Their esteem if, doing me justice, they will have found that I have more virtues than faults; and their friendship as soon as they come to find me deserving of it by the frankness and good faith with which I submit myself to their judgment without in any way disguising what I am.

Also! I'm old-growth here on LJ. Back in the day, when we added someone we left a comment to say what we'd done, why we'd done it and briefly introduce ourselves. Although LJ has advanced since then, with more and more shiny features like emailed notices whenever someone adds you--and while I generally check the profiles of those who do--unless I get a comment that they're a real human being who took a minute to read anything here and made a conscious decision I will probably assume the add is either a bot or a click-happy 12-year-old. I don't give bots nor click-happy 12-year-olds access to my inflamed sense of indignation or angsty planning of the future. Moral : comment if you add, it shows you have good manners and manners matter. Thnx! :-D

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Dieting :

You can do it, too!

Important mottoes :
  • "carpe diem" [seize the day, Latin]
  • "dum vivimus vivamus" [while we live, let us live, Latin]
  • "Where are you?" [enjoinment to be mindful of one's place and direction in life, Bereishit]
  • "Work shall be done." [reminder that our work is not our purpose but it's necessary, Vayakel]
  • "Je suis prest" [I am ready, Old French and one of my family credos]
  • "*Japanese coming*" [Genius is meaningless if you don't play., Waya - Hikaru no go]

La Cloche Fêlée
Par Msr Charles Baudelaire, aux le dix-neuf siécle
Il est amer et doux, pendant les nuits d'hiver,
D'écouter, près du feu qui palpite et qui fume,
Les souvenirs lointains lentement s'élever
Au bruit des carillons qui chantent dans la brume,

Bienheureuse la cloche au gosier vigoureux
Qui, malgré sa vieillesse, alerte et bien portante,
Jette fidèlement son cri religieux,
Ainsi qu'un vieux soldat qui veille sous la tente !

Moi, mon âme est fêlée, et lorsqu'en ses ennuis
Elle veut de ses chants peupler l'air froid des nuits,
Il arrive souvent que sa voix affaiblie

Semble le râle épais d'un blessé qu'on oublie
Au bord d'un lac de sang, sous un grand tas de morts,
Et qui meurt, sans bouger, dans d'immenses efforts.

The Cracked Bell
By Monsieur Charles Baudelaire, ninteenth century

It is bittersweet, during long winter nights,
To hear near a pounding, smoking flame,
Distant memories slowly raising themselves
Like the noise of chimes that sing in the mist,

Quite happy, the sounding bell
That, despite its agedness, alert and well-kept,
Throws faithfully its religious shriek,
In the way that an old soldier is wakeful through the night with prayer!

Me, my soul is cracked, and when troubled
She wants only for her songs to fill the cold night air,
It often passes, that those weak voices

Seem more like the thick rattle of a wounded soldier one forgets
On the edge of a lake of blood, under a heap of the dead,
And who dies from the hugeness of his efforts, without budging

`my translation

**Special Mention to My Enabler, Jean-Philippe ([info]kenpy), For Introducing Me To Rurouni Kenshin** ;-D

k1r1h1t0k1r1's anime, manga, reviews, recommendations, blogs and lists at Anime-Planet - anime | manga | reviews

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  • I speak Linguist-ese when I'm drunk. [And usually foully.]

  • Meyers-Briggs Type: INTP/J, < 1% of pop. What type are you?

  • I'm not *from* anywhere.

  • I was a fencer and a DJ.

  • I bellydance.

  • I am learning to play the shamisen and the game of go.

  • I am the sum of eternity before me; the culmination of infinite moments.

  • So are you.

  • My tongue is pierced.

  • Life is a conversion factor.

  • Anything is possible.

  • I believe in the individual.

  • I am not the normal you probably know.

  • I remember the fall of the Berlin Wall being a formative event in my life, I thought it was just swell; now I wonder if it really was...

  • As a child, I cried for Alexander, that he'd run out of world.

  • I want to see The World and The Seven Seas.

  • I am not Jewish. (Yet.)

  • Ideal qualities in a friend : kind, smart, funny.

  • Ideal qualities in a partner : kind, smart, funny, brave.

Why I'm Not From Anywhere:


Birth - 1.5yrs

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


1.5yrs - 7.5yrs

Los Angeles, California, USA


7.5yrs - 9yrs

San Diego, California, USA (daytrips to Mexico)


9yrs - 13.5yrs

Mesa, Arizona, USA


13.5yrs - 17.25yrs

Redding, California, USA


17.25yrs - 17.259yrs

Long Beach, California, USA


17.259yrs - 19.8yrs

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA ('frequent' travel to NYC)


19.8yrs - 20.2

Long Beach, California, USA


20.2 - 20.4

Israel and Egypt


20.4 - 22.3



22.3 - 23

Aix-en-Provence, France


23 - 25.3



25.3 - 27.3-ish

Mendori-mura (Shikokuchuo-shi), Ehime-ken, Japan (Vancouver, Canada for a short training period just before)(last time on American soil : July 2008 for one week staffing an anime convention)


27.3 - 28.3

Koube-shi, Hyougo-ken, Japan


28.3 - 28.7

Ootsu-shi, Shiga-ken, Japan


28.7 - whenever

Tokyo-to, Japan

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In the event of death or mortal danger, there is a post on my day-of-birth (chronologically the first entry, here) with contact information for myself and my next of kin. It is currently friends-only.

Living will TBA.

Statement of organ donation status : all organs harvestable per the local halachic authority are to be donated.

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