Partly cloudy, 8C (13C)

I feel pissy and frustrated.

  • My period is a week late. While perhaps this is better in terms of timing the start of Round 3, waiting for it makes me anxious in an unpleasant way. I guess this tardiness is because of :
    1. stress
    2. sudden change in diet
    3. sudden change in sleep
    4. sudden change in level of physical activity
  • I've gained 3.3 kilos from my last spray weight (that is, over the last week). I guess this is because of :
    1. some bad decisions in the first and second days after stopping the spray
    2. see above (i.e. menstrual weight)
    3. Mine is a wretched and doomed existence

  • My kitchen sink is not draining properly. This is disgusting and troublesome. I'm going to have to contact the landlord about it. I do not feel confident about my Japanese right now.
  • I feel gross and must shower ; I should also do laundry ; I also want to go get some more bananas and peanut butter. While having stuff to do is probably an all-star move, it also seems uncannily (and somewhat unusually...) mendou, partly because :
    • It's freaking cold. Cold, I say. This is unpleasant.
    • I'm in a foul mood, anyway due to pissiness build-up so prettymuch anything would be a pain in the ass right now.
    • I feel that I've already spent too freely this month so I'm hesitant to be in a situation to spend more.

I would like to positively resolve at least two of these items, today. One of them is probably not all that difficult (the last...) but any single one of the upper three are just... well, they feel really distant.

So I'll start with the last item (which is actually a trifecta!) and see what happens from there.

I was going to try to list good things, also, to counteract the above bile and refocus on things that are Going Well to balance out the negative talk... Here goes :

  • The Internet is working at my apartment!
  • I have some anime series ready to start watching (Muteki Kanban Musume turns out to have rendering issues, so I couldn't and still can't watch that, but I picked up at least the first three eps of two three four other shows to try out... None of them are really in the comedy genre, but I think I should still enjoy them, nonetheless)! I'm okay for tea right now!
  • I remembered to take my vitamins, today! (I forgot to do so yesterday...)
  • The toilet is flushing fine!
  • I have what else to wear while going to do laundry--and I have laundry money!
  • After shopping and whatnot, I can settle in next to my floor heater and put it under the blankets to stay warm without consuming so much electricity!
  • My sun is shining, today!
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