Partly sunny, 10C (14C)

I slept really well for the first time in weeks...

Saturday night, I logged on for some anime streaming. It was supposed to just be two or three episodes of this one show and turned into a ten-and-a-half-hour marathon. It was a lot of fun! Which meant that I was doing that all night and far enough into the morning that I thought it would just be foolishness to go to sleep then and completely let myself slip into nocturnism what with two mornings at the office scheduled for this week (Thursday and Friday). I stayed up 'til 10-ish last night then sorted myself out for bed and slept without waking for the cold or the aftershocks until late this morning.

It kindof defeats the purpose of resting when fifteen systems come online simultaneously like that, and I kindof get to feeling a little cheated, sometimes. So it was good not to have another night of disturbed sleep.

In the meantime, my body is finally starting to sort itself out a bit. All systems are functioning properly and lost a kilo in fluids overnight. I hope my weight keeps dropping at least back to my LSW over the course of the week, though realism would indicate it may well not.

I'm still ravenously hungry for peanuts and walnuts and fruits and vegetables ; thankfully not nearly so ravenously hungry for bread.

I've been making a lot of "orange-style" chicken and I think it's working out in areas that needed work, so that's encouraging. At this rate, soon it will be like nothing to throw together but will be pretty-damned tasty and about as good looking. Once I've mastered this, I'll move on to the next thing.

Also, my texts for the first module of my graduate program have started to arrive. When I look at them I feel a mixture of excitement and dull responsibility. I'm happy about that because I think the mixture is about right to get matters taken care of and keep taking care of them.

I've been asked to an interview for another parttime position. I'm worried about money (there are a lot of things I need to spend on, other things I really should, and still more that I would just like to have, plus I "really should" be making something of a savings account rather than spending every last yen and penny I have every month ; keeping all of these things clear and satisfied without wrecking my desire to live or interfering with my priorities is a really difficult balance for me to strike and maintain) ; so it'd be good to have another source of some income--but since the company still hasn't got contracts together, I don't know how much extra I really need to be pushing for. I also don't want to run out of energy, my priorities are : school, work--in that order, and I don't want to be confusing myself. A parttime job, frankly, would come last in that list. Even coming last, I'm worried I'd give it too much of my energy/attention.

More money is better, but less money justifies placing a parttime position at a lower level of priority... Anyway, I should at least schedule (and probably do) the interview before I have a chance to find out the detalis of next years' assignments and rates at my regular job. I don't mean to sound like a cocky asshole, but I'm pretty qualified and even just interviewing, even poorly, I've got at least a 70% chance of getting the position. It's not likely I'll interview poorly so my actual chance is probably actually much higher--which means I would probably get an offer, possibly right away because of the timing, which means walking in the door I need to be at least 80% sure of my answer. It's already Monday, which means I've basically gotta decide today whether I strike this iron or risk waiting for another. Waiting, I would certainly understand better exactly how much I need--but it's not clear what the cost of waiting might be and I'm worried that unknown is pretty great, indeed.

So I'm currently angsting over that a little bit...
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