Partly cloudy, 11C (6C)

I'm somewhat pissy right now. Discovered a problem in my room this morning--the apartment is rather humid so I thought it'd be a good idea to check under the futon to make sure there wasn't any mold ; because that happens, esp on tatami mats and esp when you leave the futon out (like I do--I seriously can't be bothered to fold and store that shit then take it out again every freaking day--I make my bed, that ought to be enough). And there was. Not as horrible as it could be, but thoroughly there and must be done about.

So putting off getting a bedframe is no longer possible. I've stood the futon out to dry and run the dehumidifier (A/C function) basically all day [will basically have to continue to do so until the frame arrives and is assembled] and when I got home from the office (training), there was still some damp so I've continues running the dehumidifier and gone ahead and ordered a new bedframe.

But not the pretty one, because though that storage and good construction is MIGHTY APPEALING, I can't afford that right now. Not even the compromise model (whose bright spot is an electrical outlet on the shelf!)--because those are all "special sales" for about six hours this COMING OCTOBER. Nono, I bought the cheap-ass, ugly one. That is totally going to fuck up the wa in my bedroom... Better than nothing and the ventilation ought to be good enough...

A simple pine-wood frame is crazy expensive--more than the compromise model I was about to buy, and the cheaper steel frame ones are between 8 and 12cm too long--and all that shopping took longer than I had expected and now I don't have time to cook (not like I really feel like it). Hence the pissiness. So I'll just have some nuts for "supper" and call it a day.

Blimey. Next month is going to suck financially, even if I don't do my hair or only do a cut (no color, which I'd basically decided on while I was walking home from the station)... God help me.

While I'm being a whiny brat ; last night my sleep was crappy--I kept waking up and taking thirty or forty or seventy minutes to fall back asleep....
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