Mostly cloudy, 18C (16C)

Another big aftershock last night. I ended up going to hanami in Ueno park, where I was adopted as the evening's token "bijin" by some office workers. After hanami in the park, we went to an izakaya. After the izakaya, I and one from that party went to a British-style pub (and the aftershock struck--it was the first time I'd been out of my apartment for one, plus we were underground so it felt weird, and all of the television screens doing the disaster thing was somewhat unnerving...), where I added three more to our group--it's what token "bijin" do. I was uncharacteristically tired, it seemed, and drank three or four red bull and vodkas. At closing time, I brought one of the new members back to my place. It was pretty fun ; we'll see what happens. I'm so terrible with names, though... He had to leave early this morning for work in Chiba. Maybe I'll try studying Japanese that way as well...

Today is the entrance ceremony for my night school kids. But that's still several hours off. Tomorrow night is anime streaming, again. Maybe next weekend one of the original office-worker members (Kazu) is going to show me a good place for house music, at least that was the plan last night.

I did miss the last train but was in well before the sun rose (taxi from Ueno isn't too costly...), which is new for me in Tokyo. Playing is good. For now, at least, I don't feel lonely--a welcome respite.
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