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( Oct. 3rd, 2010 11:32 pm)
Rainy, 19C (21C)

The weather was dreadful, today, so I didn't go out. I think it will continue tomorrow. That rather sucks, but it would suck even more to get drenched on my way somewhere other than home...

Since shortly after I came to Shiga, I've noticed my toes fall asleep often, also my ankles and lower legs swell a lot more than 'usual' (which is never, for me). I wonder if this is some kind of circulatory problem? For the past year or so I've suspected that my blood pressure is simply too low... I eat extra iron-rich foods and add salt or soy sauce to almost all of my food to try to keep it up, and have altered my grooming habits to incorporate light massage... When I went to change my foreigner registration address, they had a blood pressure checking machine and my rates were all at the low end of normal, which is usual for me. That with my age and a family history of hypertension rather than hypotension and any request for inquiry wouldn't be taken seriously by a doctor, methinks.... hmm...

Really, though, I think I need a bit of a lifestyle change, too, though. I've actually usually had some kind of cardiovascular exercise regularly for most of my life but I haven't really been getting that in Kobe or here. A lifestyle change means looking into gyms, though. I know of two on my way to work. I would probably want to go on my way home--that way it's late when I'm returning and maybe I can shower at the gym and at least don't have to go through makeup twice as fast by applying it to go to the gym and then again afterwards. It's supposed to be better for your body to get exercise earlier in the day, though. But that would mean getting up and out of the house earlier, being under more time pressure while exercising (needing to get to work), and applying makeup twice a day (and carrying it around with me to put it on after exercise for work...). Bah... Which is better?

Anyway, it's time to enjoy my matsutake slices and Zoku Sayonara Zutsubou Sensei.


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