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( Apr. 26th, 2010 07:33 pm)
Sunny, 17C (17C)

Ahh, it's been such a long time since I've been subversive!

So, today after go class I broke into the school with my keys, signed my "Working Conditions Agreement" and faxed it, forwarded my coworker's to her, then let loose the hellhounds of INFOS on all the schools in the "company". (Nothing terrible, just a little something some other teachers and I have been working on this weekend. Honestly, lots of ppl should bow down and thank us--and it wasn't even mostly my doing!) :-D

I might get into some trouble for that...

Hmm. But then, again, that was why I offered so strongly to be the one to do it.**

Oh, man, some Offspring from, like, 2001, just came up on my shuffle. I want more Offspring...! And now 369 from last year... ahh, the time. It passes. Etc, usw.

Anyway, about go class, I told sensei that my company went bankrupt so I planned to take a two-month break but wanted to come back after that. He said they'd be waiting for me, and I felt he was being genuine. I didn't get to play Takano-sensei, today, but I played three others (including sensei, who actually took our game seriously). I notice I have less patience with some than with others. I usually lose it when they try to take back one of my moves ; it doesn't seem to matter if I even agree with them. That's pretty immature and I should really try harder to curb it. My last game was satisfying, though. I'm glad. I'll play more on PandaNet during my hiatus and will be a stronger player the next time they see me. I swear it. :-)

Anyway, I ought to take a shower, or something. Tomorrow and Wednesday I work, but then it's Golden Week. Things shouldn't get too terrible before I get a little pay on May 10th or 15th ; besides, I can stand to lose a few kilos. Depending on how they're figuring the per diem payments from the 16th (counting only scheduled working days or days in the work-period), I may even be able to clear rent for this month. Bonzai and Huzzah! Gambaryo!

**Part of my American Complex. I like to think that, in spite of or perhaps because I feel so rejected from and niche-less in my one and only country, caught as I am between generations without a culture to call my own, I possess the best my country has to offer the world. Though sometimes I recklessly play the hero, too. In this case, knowledge is power and I'd rather go down in flames as a conduit than drown in the stagnating cesspool of it. I even purposely refrained from contributing too greatly so that I could hold this out as my "one contribution". Chances are best I won't suffer too much for it, but it just wouldn't be right if those trying hardest to help the poor fools wandering in darkness safely find an exit were punished. Using company matériel (email) could certainly be considered an infraction of sorts but it is by far the most efficient way to deliver the goods to the widest possible [non-public] audience... Honestly, it's a gamble. It's a good thing I'm ballsier than I was... however long ago I wasn't this ballsy.
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( Apr. 13th, 2008 11:02 pm)
I'm considering spending my music budget for next month on a set of speakers.... but then I can't get any new music... but maybe with new/decent speakers listening to the music I have now will be more enriching and pleasurable... ===EDIT=== And I have just discovered that the TV is outputting MONO, and here I thought I was just being too negative... ===/EDIT==== [Poll #1170389][Poll #1170389] because I'm a glutton... pics of me taken while bored with vocabulary dictionary i.e. the gallery of bad skin! )


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