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( May. 20th, 2010 11:19 pm)
Some clouds, 20C (23C)

I don't intend to mark this up as much as I probably ought to...

I'm sick, it sucks, what else? I become such an infant when I don't feel good. I've been trying to determine exactly what character flaw this stems from. The answer is elusive.

I've "discovered" an anime by Watsuki, the creator of Rurouni Kenshin. Buso Renkin. If you can get through the first six episodes (a real feat, let me just say!) it becomes awesomesauce (in ep 7). I intend to write more on this, later.

Some other thing or another.

Something else.

Half-hearted complaining.

Half-ingenuine worry about the future.

Remark about correlation between volcanic eruption and weather, off-handed comment about recent massive purging of meat-animals ; worry about the price of food come autumn, if not sooner.

Whining about various responsibilities I feel completely incapable of meeting, expression of futility, mild anger at not being dead, yet, and simultaneous expression of disgust at not being more awesome as a person and intellectually.

...I think that about covers the essential bits. WTF, ppl, WTF?

I feel like bitching about needing a mental-wellness break of some kind. I'm not sure how long I would want/need ; maybe just a day and a half. But if I had it, I don't even know what I would do...

I do know that I want the ppl on head office to stop being ridiculously useless and stupid bitch-ass slugs. f0|2 r341z.

And I wish I didn't have to tolerate so many delays all the time, like what's happening with my application to Birmingham. I have to put it off to next term (next APRIL!!), for various reasons for which I accept only 50% of the fault (okay, maybe 6052.5%).
Partly sunny, 22C (23C)

Yosh! I'm officially getting sick!

Since last Wednesday, my thyroids have been swollen. Then, the night of my birthday I ended up staying out past dawn, spending most of the time after midnight in this sketchy hole down a dark alley with a grinning sorcerer-bartender. The next day, my voice was pretty roughed up--I thought, at first, that it was all the conversation about architecture, but then realized from the reek secreting from my skin and hair that said sketchy hole down a dark alley had been utterly saturated with cigarette smoke and no ventilation. Whatever, sketchy hole is sketchy. But then yesterday, the localized burning in my throat and slight fever showed themselves. I did the ugai-gusuri thing three times, yesterday, which is the recommended upper limit, and things haven't progressed as quickly as I think they would otherwise, but it's definitely taken hold.

Fine. I've been overstressed lately, pushing it with not keeping a decent sleep regimen for the last several weeks, and it's been several months since I last contracted a disease in this country so I was due, anyway. Bah, I'll do what I can. I'd rather not feel miserable and worn out for the next two weeks, so anything short of that I'll be grateful for. Yesterday it occurred to me that a few times I've come close to really breaking my body, but it never actually happened. I think this is a part/result of/related to my slow-burning awesome. That or cowardice and a weak will. I'm not really interested in hitting walls for nothing, but it made me wonder if I've ever truly hit one ; etc...

Today I'm going to Nara, to meet Tsubasa ([ profile] tsubasa_en11), hopefully, and see the former palatial whatsits and stuff... I'm bringing lozenges and tissues, and will buy some masks at the combini in the station. At any rate, it's time to get ready to go.


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