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So I had this conversation either yesterday or the day before (they're all crowding in to one another...) which made me pause to wonder, "Am I an asshole?" I decided that I'm probably not an asshole but it's probably all-too-easy to mistake me for one. [And my interlocutor was being a hardcore gakki.] So I should maybe, prolly be a little more sensitive/careful of that in the future... or more meta. Of course, I can't really be certain, seeing as how I have no friends and spend almost all my time alone.... Hmm...

Yesterday one of my schools rescheduled their junior high school graduation for this morning, so I went to sit through that. This is a several-hours long ceremony even for a class as small as 35 or 150 graduating students. Perhaps once I've got a few more under my belt I'll jot up and exposée for y'all. It's actually kindof amusing if you pretend you're a monarch... Not that I'm an asshole or anything...

On my way home, I walked all over Japan Tokyo town (not precisely, it went like this : stn --> gourmet grocer --> local supermarket --> combini (near stn) --> apartment) looking for toilet paper. Usually I keep a monster supply, but I just moved and I only bring two rolls with me when I move. Anyway, all the toilet paper is gone. There is no toilet paper for sale in Tokyo--at least not at the three stores I went to. This is strange to me, I mean, does toilet paper have some [semi-]magical prophylactic, preservative, or primary-responder application of which I am unaware? Good thing I have some boxed tissue. After three active attempts and no success my search will now enter a holding pattern of passive-search/wait-and-see. Here's hoping the tissue holds out.

But that brings me to my next point--I suspect there may be some tom-foolery going on, here. I mean, the little gourmet grocer at the train station near my apartment is restocking items, the combini are restocking items, but the supermarket near my apartment is not restocking things on the floor shelves. WTF? I won't believe you if you try to tell me all the toilet paper in Japan is made in Tohoku (the affected region...), because I used to live in Paper Town, Japan, and I know for a fact via life experience that SHIKOKU is where a good deal of the toilet paper in Japan is made.... Anyway, toilet paper and geography aside, I suspect some unscrupulous vendors may be opting to encourage panic buying among the populace rather than ensure a steady supply of goods. Either that or this particular supermarket is closing and saw this combination disaster as a good opportunity to sell out stock...

Changing lanes once again, I made some rangoon using wonton wrappers in my new wok, today. I'll have to work on that a little bit. Tolerable, but both could and should be better. Also, I should get a proper deep-frying pan. Yes, that would be for the best.

Also! My Longjingcha/ryuusencha/dragonswell tea has finally arrived! I'm quite excited--perhaps too excited--it is only tea--and am looking forward to trying it... soon.

Speaking of food : Something I realized in a new way all over again recently is how very comforting a mouthful of fresh bread is. Strange, but worth being aware of. Especially since today is the final day of Round 2 of my diet program for this year and it wasn't as smashingly successful as I'd hoped (though 10 kilos less is still better than no kilos less and way better than the 20 kilos more this project started at). There were a few reasons for that : I hit a preset and didn't get over it until the day before a one-day planned interruption which ended up taking out about a week, then I hit another preset ; so while I was on protocol for two-and-a-half weeks longer, I lost about the same amount of weight so I'm somewhat less than fully satisfied with my results. The density of stress and activity was not well-distributed which led to some psychological weaknesses (especially this past week) on which I capitulated, other systemic issues which are beyond my control, and I'm pretty sure that forgetting to unpack my vitamins in Minato-ku was a psychological undermine because the cravings which I occasionally wrongly responded to were for various sources of very specific nutrition.

About Round 3 (of four planned rounds). According to the program, there should be at least 6 weeks between rounds. I started Round 2 early (after about 4 weeks, with bad timing to the rest of my body) to save money, and will probably start Round 3 early (after about 4 weeks, with *much* better timing to the rest of my body) to save time. We'll see how the interim/recovery period goes...


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