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So the Kariyushi I saw tonight is not Kariyushi58, but Kariyushi (I duno what's up with the PC site, but the mobile site displays properly...). "kariyushi" does not mean "hawaiian-print shirt" in Okinawan, it means, "omedetai" ; a hawaiian-print shirt is a "kariyushia". The word "kariyushi" is very common in Okinawa--for beaches, hotels, bands... Okinawan food is yummy, yo! (Even the umeboshi kurage (pickled sour plum paste and chopped jellyfish)!)

This Kariyushi has a sanshin, or Okinawan shamisen. And since the venue was TEENY, I got to chat with the band after {WoW, my Japanese sucks!}, especially the sanshin player, and he even let me play his sanshin (picture forthcoming--as soon as my coworker emails it to me, I'll add it to this post). It is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from any kind of shamisen I've played. But also similar enough. The batchi is like a raptor claw! No kidding!

Anyway, they're playing in Osaka on my birthday (Friday, the 14th) and since I should be able to leave the school early that day, I've decided to go. The sanshin player drew me a map, and the bassist said, "we'll see you again in Osaka, then!" (in Japanese, of course). The sanshin player said he won't forget me because I'm the only foreigner he's met who plays shamisen.

Anyway, it was hard to get a picture with all three of their faces visible and somewhat in focus, so you get these five :

five photos for three-man band here )

That's all for now!


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