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( Jan. 6th, 2011 01:32 am)
Some clouds, 7C (2C)

Ahh... I'm officially, by my schedule, ahead of schedule with the packing and whatnot--but I'll just say that I've finally [!?! wtvr, it was me who did no packing for three whole days and wasn't even home for another two over the recent winter holiday..!#%!] barely caught up since that's more what it feels like. Seeing as how I have three nights left to finish everything off, I still might be staying up late Saturday night to be certain everything is sorted away properly.

I'm still debating just how to handle the packing of the modem and accoutrements. I'll probably put them in the big takkyubin suitcase even though I won't be using it until after my second move.... because god knows I'll just *have* to use the Internet half an hour before I leave and my cellphone browser somehow won't be enough...


I'm going to bed, soon, before I think about that (the time constraints and lists of work still to finish) too much.

I've been meditating a lot on prayer, lately. I don't think I wrote it down, anywhere, but "prayer" is a topic I intend to study during the month [and, god willing, not more!] that I probably won't be online after moving... Today I learned at least one very important thing about prayer--well, something I already knew, but an application point. Basically, I'm not going to ask or entrain god to help me anymore : instead I'll just be thankful for it. Oh, but, really... the metaphysical properties of the High Holidays are a cakewalk compared to all the depth and sophistication of prayer... I could (and probably will) study it for a lifetime...

P.S. I'm totally kicking the ass of this "being decent in spite of myself" challenge. And lately lots of students are telling me they think I'm a great teacher. I'm really trying not to get a big head over it, but it does give me a little more confidence that maybe beyond my adaptability, I have qualities and skills that will help me flourish in my new situation. I also hope my work becomes a little more fun, too, though. Y'know... I'll be in high school again. That's so crazy... given my fixation on "normal high school life" it's also pretty fascinating.
Clear, 19C (18C)

Heading seem to be working...

This story describes the situation well enough. YaY front-page news items! So I'm a retirement fund, now. Huzzah! Although it lies like a lying liar when it says both brands will be maintained. Otherwise, why would my school employees be throwing around such smarting remarks about having a bonfire at which we consecrate the former logo to a heated finish for the next forced school event--conveniently enough on "Culture Day"..?

What that story doesn't say is that changes in lesson format/system (only a few of which are really clear at this point, but at the very least ALL lessons will now be 40minutes, however almost all of my textbooks--kids'--should remain the same) are going into effect at the beginning of November. Presumably also changes in teacher contracts, whose terms may have to be re-written in a few instances, will be made, but I've seen no indications of whether, whither or how--the only guesses I'd like to hazard are that they will be for my betterment--and benefit (no need to send out negative energies, god help me...)!! All of the Japanese instructors for adults got notice of their firings today. The new list of schools remaining open was also circulated today and my school is on it--for now, anyway.

I've been assigned to re-training in Osaka on the 25th and 26th (it would have been the 20th and 21st, but the manager asked that it be changed for halloween lessons... the other native-speaking instructor at my school is going to the earlier session but he's not really good with details so I don't expect much to come from him in the way of accurate information). Since one of those days is my day off, I asked them what other day they'd like me to take off in it's place (I didn't think they'd want to pay me since they're not reimbursing students for their missed lessons for re-training but giving them credits towards next months' lessons), so I have this Saturday off (which also doesn't require any additional reimbursements or credits to be given since my classes were already canceled for lesson preparation... though, surely, you can see where this week will probably be for naught). Huzzah!

Changes in plans
Due to high levels of uncertainty regarding the future, joining a gym has been postponed. Also, my latest Amazon order has been canceled.

Halloween costume quandary resolved
It occurred to me last night to dress as a kappa. So I do believe that that is what I shall do. Tomorrow I hope to complete preparations for the costume. My preparations involve a headpiece, fashioning a beak-like appendage, and possibly creating some kind of armoured backpack for the containment of children's souls.

Should be fun!

I think this is all I have to say for now. I may add stuff, later...


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