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( Dec. 27th, 2010 01:13 pm)
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So I'm on the phone with NTT-west in Japanese because I have to cancel my contract with NTT-west to open a new contract with NTT-east in February (thereby having to pay a truly horrendous cancellation fee because I've only had service for 2months, not 2years!!!), and the operator's like, "we must get into your apartment" (that is, to remove the wire--WTF!--which I just don't want to deal with having no Internet for the last week I'm here and the only free day before leaving I have to deal with their shit other than the 9th is the 3rd and the 3rd is a national holiday, kthnx, and if I have to pay this godawful fee, they should do it on my schedule, anyway) and I'm like, I have to be at work in the afternoon all week so I can't be here to let your person in and I can't just leave the key out for you guys to come in whenever on the 11th (apparently the 8th, 9th, and 10th are totally booked already and they only send ppl out in the afternoon--not the morning-- which is completely not possible for me) and since I'm paying you anyway I don't see why I should have to spend my last two weeks here without service because you don't have enough staff, blahblahblah and we reach an impasse so she decides this is a communication problem and says I should have someone who speaks Japanese call (I get this *whenever* I have some problem that prevents me from doing what they want--what language have we been freaking speaking, it's not a language issue, it's that I cannot do what you're asking and I've even explained three different ways in your language why I can't and what I can do ; changing languages doesn't change the problem...). I explain that this is problematic, she'll have to deal with me.

Which she seemed unwilling to do ; so this brought us to her trying to refer me to the proper foreign language assistance number (because language is the problem, ppl! *rolling of eyes*) and the following conversation :

(In Japanese)
NTT : Madam, we have Chinese language assistance available.
Me : Why? I don't speak Chinese.
NTT : Korean, then? We have Korean language assistance available.
Me : Um.... I'm an American. (My name could not possibly be mistaken for Chinese or Korean...)
NTT : So you can speak English? Fantastic! We have English language assistance available.
Me : Great! What's that number and can I dial it from my cell? (many free-dial/toll-free numbers in Japan are not available from cellphones)

So my Japanese accent is Chinese? Korean? At least it's not British... :-P

Or maybe my approach to this bit of bureaocracy was more Chinese or Korean in her experience? That's better than Israeli, maybe?

Solution : my manager (as a rep of the company) will just have to deal with it. I've done my piece. Tomorrow at work I'll talk with her ; hopefully she'll step up, otherwise I'll just give NTT the Leo Palace agent information and they can work on it together and leave me completely out of the loop.


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