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So I found a recipe online for Hamentashen with the general idea of taking cake mix and thickening it to cookie-dough texture with baking flour and making hamentashen (stuffed/filled cookies) with it.

So I made hamentashen for purim this year!


I could prolly launch a pretty good defense for myself, but I won't bother. (Without knowing the details, that picture actually looks a little better than the reality...)

There's a point in any failed endeavour when it doesn't take a blind prophet to tell you things aren't quite going to turn out so well. Of course, it's my general policy to continue anyway. Sometimes you get too far into an experiment to just give up, even when you know the results aren't going to be what you want.

Maybe it'll work out better next time?

BTW, these are apple and cherry preserves-filled ones... I haven't tried eating them, yet, though. I think they'll make my stomach hurt and I'll end up throwing most of them away...

Drat! I forgot I was going to put some cinnamon on the apple ones...

((Actually, they weren't nearly as bad as I had expected... I'm actually surprised!))

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LoL, thanks--maybe a rolling pin would have helped? Oh, well. Live and learn... They didn't taste so bad, anyway.

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I made some too!
You absolutely need a rolling pin - and do you know you're supposed to cut them into circles?

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yeah, I know... but I didn't have the surface or the pin to roll them out and cut proper circles (also, the consistency just wasn't getting there and I was worried about being left with stacks of cakey flour rather than cookies), so I formed them into ball-like shapes, flattened them with the back of a spoon and went from there.


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