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Ah, so, first, I wanted to add an item to the second list from my last post--I don't think I mentioned it because of the earthquakes happening right away, but I bought a miniature sakura tree. I wanted a miniature plum tree, but it seems those are hard to find and the sakura was pretty cheap so I bought it. Anyway, it's budding nicely, see :

As for the first list : I have cleared two of those items! :-DDD

Showering, laundry, and grocery shopping were almost less problematic than usual--pleasurable, even! I miraculously did not freeze to death drying off after the shower! I over-dried my laundry a little bit but caught it early enough so there was no damage. When shopping I got some flesh on discount and I also got a four-litre bottle for water, filled it with water, took a picture, and sent it off to mima so she can stop freaking out about that any second, now...

And I called the landlord about the sink--the [simulated] conversation I had imagined to prepare for it was far more complicated so when it came to the real deal it was pretty easy. The plumbers were just here! It was a super-simple fix, embarrassingly so, actually, but I had no way to know how to take off the drain cover so I got them to show me how. Now that I clearly understand the precise mechanism of this drain (they can be a little different from place to place...), I'll go out once more to get the stuff I need to maintain it properly. Japanese drains are kindof a disgusting horror, actually, so they really need pointed maintenance.

Anyway, that's how it's gone so far. Not too shabby...


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