Mostly cloudy, 14C (11C)

I feel like I should maybe be writing more about the country... I'll do just that after I've had a few days back in the classrooms.

Maybe I should write a little something about how 10% of the company's teaching staff have fled the Irradiation (spoken with a heavy drawl)--how all of them were Americans and what this has meant for the company (not all bad at all!) and my position in it as one of possibly a handful actively seeking an advanced degree...

In the meantime, I'd like a certain nameless young male to email me, already. Either that one or some other one I haven't made an acquaintance with, yet.

Perhaps more on that, later. Perhaps not.

I have to go send all my money to England and America tomorrow. This month is going to suck financially. Oh, well. God help me.

Also god help me not be such a raging slut. Kthnx.

Or maybe I could mention the Frenchman who burned my hand in a bar when I should have been on a live anime stream. And after I went to the trouble to translate and converse with him in his wretched frog-language. Ossan ought to learn the local dialect already.... Or maybe I should mention the other man I brought to my apartment this morning? But he doesn't need to bother calling or emailing me. Just the one should do.


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