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( Mar. 29th, 2011 08:25 pm)
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I have been useless, today.


But I'm doing some genealogy work--on my mother's father's side. I was told his family were second or third generation immigrants from Poland. That was hte whole reason I *did* Poland for my country report and international fair at school in the fifth grade. I'm now in the ninth century and the closest anybody has gotten to Poland is one Italian noble chick who some relative of Henry III arranged to marry an Englishman. You can't swing a dead cat without hitting an Englishman on this tree. Seriously, one of these d00ds' names is "Lancelot"... Another few are called "Thurston"... Back this far there are some Vikings in northern France, but that's only to be expected from a bunch of Englishmen.

But this is getting a little irritating and the ppl aren't renown enough to double-check my work on wikipedia ; which is part of what's so interesting--finding out the relationships and the backstory and learning about the places.

So I think I'll abandon this twig, soon, and move to another...

Also, I did not call back about the interview. I'll try to do that tomorrow. But I can't be sure, because I am currently being useless. And pissy about my weight.

Meh, I woke up suddenly on my own this morning following another marginally weird dream after about five hours of sleep... so now I'm really sleepy... but I just ate an hour ago... meh...
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So I ended up watching Robin Hood, again, and this time, something caught my attention and I decided to look into it. What did I find? ANOTHER KIDNAPPED BABY-MAKER! And many babies did she make--14 for two kingdoms that survived.

26. Isabella de Taillefer (or Angoulême), who was married secondly to Hugh de Lusignan X (originally she was meant to be wed to Hugh de Lusignan IX but Bad King John--enemy of Robin Hood!--got to the 12-year-old-girl, first) of those crusaders I wrote about before. Together they had William de Valence, through which I am issued. See :

Actually, sadly, this line has already been posted :
25. William de Valence, father of
24. Joan de Valence, mother of
23. Elizabeth Comyn (1299-1359), ALSO A KIDNAPEE!!! (though not for baby-making purposes) and mother of
22. Gilbert Talbot, father of
21. Richard Talbot, father of

20. John Talbot (1384-1453), father of
19. John Talbot (1422-1453), father of
(I thought those two Talbots might have died in the plague, but no, it was even more foolish...)
18. Elizabeth Talbot, mother of
17. Elizabeth Grey (1470-1525), mother of
16. Frances Plantagenet, (the female one born 1513!) mother of

15. Mary Monck, mother of
14. Frances Arscott, (b. 1573, d. 1658) mother of
13. John Chilcot, (b. 1608) father of
12. John Chilcot, (b. 1639) father of
11. Humphrey Chilcot, (b. 1666, d. 1708) father of

10. John Chilcot, [AGAIN!] (b. 1706-1780) father of
09. Richard Chilcot, (b. 1746 d. 1820) father of
08. Lydia Chilcott, mother of
07. Richard Wheeler, father of
06. Lydia Wheeler, (b. 1840 d. 1902) mother of

05. William Corwin, father of
04. Wieland Corwin, father of
03. Roger Corwin, father of
02. Thomas Corwin, father of
01. Me (b. 1982 d. 20??)

At least all these kidnappings, so far, are from before the Plantagenet house (these two, Isabella, is 25 generations back and Elizabeth is 23, Almodis is 32 generations, Marguerite is 29 generations)... The second of three associated with these Lusignans though--what beasts (though technically, this baby-maker was kidnapped from them, not by them ; actually, so was Almodis... so maybe it's the Lusignans that were beasted upon...).... I wonder if more of their wives weren't kidnapped....
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Today is now October 41st or Kislev 3rd.

I have not yet heard back from Konan.

I was doing some reading on wikipedia on various things which eventually brought me through articles in a few different languages and I saw a name I was sure I recognized in one of them so I went to my family tree and ran a quick search and lo and behold, there he was : Hughes IX de Lusignan (Count of la Marche), just one in a mob of crusading crusaders (oy vavoy!) from whom which I was eventually issued... Which got me working a little more on that particular twig since I hadn't developed it as fully as possible, yet (at least now I've reached two, possibly four, termini and none of them include the title "god of" :-) small miracles...). Anyway, this totally explains my emotional reaction to Acre, etc.

I seem to have cultivated a recognition of the sense of familiar....

Getting back to the point, I'm not going to spend the time (good lord, look at the time!) to show the whole progression from them to me (maybe later? it's nearly 1000 years of genealogy to transcribe here if I do...), but there was an interesting situation I wanted to share.

Previously in Explorations of Genealogy I shared the case of a kidnapped woman intended for marriage with someone else en route. Well, I'VE FOUND ANOTHER ONE!

Allow me to introduce, Almodis, who was kidnapped by, impregnated by, wedded by, temporarily excommunicated with, and eventually murdered by her stepson through a Mr. Ramon Berenguer I (Count of Barcelona).

That impregnation thing, btw, reveals another wtf : the resulting issue were male twins. One was called Ramon Berenguer II, the other Berenguer Ramon II. I'm not even kidding. And to sweeten the pot, one was accused and widely believed to have murdered the other one and ran away to Jerusalem on pilgrimage or crusade--where he promptly died. You can't make this stuff up, ppl. All I can say is that these two are only half-siblings to me, mmkay.

Crap, I actually did it... (facepalm) but only sortof )

Moral of the story : wimmenz was often kidnapped to make babiez in the old country. Those babiez was often conflicted and caused a raucous which often either upset or bolstered the contemporary hegemony. Angry babiez is to be ph33rd.

Time for bed!
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I'll try to keep this somewhat orderly. Have some headings!

I may allow myself to sleep an average of 8hours a night for a little while, although I maintain that 7.5hours ought to be more than enough, even when depressed. Since my cold, my body wants 8. I'll yield for now.

Movies and technology
I saw Biohazard 4 (which is the name in Japan for Resident Evil 4). Suspending logic is vitally important to enjoying such films, but since I am incapable of fully suspending my own logical capacity, I simply redirected it.

3D technology has come a long way, but still needs some work--especially when it comes to panning shots and short-frames.

I think the costumers did a great job choosing materials and styles. The characters' images easily lent themselves to the video-game style expectations.

Damn, those cthulu-mouths were surprising and creepy! And I haven't even read that book (and don't intend to, as an aside). The crazy dogs reminded me of worms.

I would have liked some more background or explanation on the giant with the huge meat-tenderizer, but we're treading dangerously near a comment on character development, here, so I simply won't.

I think commenting on anything else would spoil my good memories of it. Decent zombie fare (though I don't think anything could top Shawn of the Dead, in all honesty, and I'm probably ruined for zombie movies forever, now, because of it's magnificence...). A novel experience (thank you 3D!).

Holidays and work
I think I've failed to mention it here, thusfar, but at this school the teachers wear halloween costumes all week for the special cultural lessons--which will be held from the 19th to the 23rd this month. Ten years ago I would have been all over this because then and for a long time Halloween was my absolute favorite holiday. Now it's really not and while I'm not troubled by not caring about it either way, now, I am a little troubled by having to actively participate. I have no idea what I can dress up as that's not going to (a) take effort, really, (b) freak out the kids, (c) cost as little as possible, (d) not be totally lame/still pass as a costume.

I was thinking pirate, but that takes too much effort, even for a simple rendition. A vampire would definitely be too scary for the kiddos. So then I was thinking I could just get a sparkly crown hair decoration and wear my regular work clothes but say I'm a princess or a queen. Maybe I could buy a sheet, cut eyeholes, tie it to my head and say I'm a ghost? Ideas, please!!

If I were a man, this would be so much easier.... As a woman, I am expected to wear something pretty or cute, and crossdressing isn't really allowed for women the way it is for men. You men have it so easy!! I hate you all.

Speaking of work...
This week I'll only have to teach three lessons--it's an intensive period for the kids, but I've decided to follow an alternate method for dealing with their attendance and will take the intensive periods as planning opportunities rather than trying to shove make-up lessons down their throats. I hope it'll be productive! I'll have to be very creative to apply what I've been studying/learning about teaching, language acquisition, and neuropsychological development and bring my lessons to the next level....

Still, though, I'd like to stay up to all hours watching anime and not go in until the last possible moment tomorrow. Maybe I'll do just that.

So, I'm watching Sengoku Basara 2--which is just as rawly entertaining as the first but much more involved with politics and 'the lay of the land' than the first season. This is to nothing but benefit. So I looked up one of my favorite characters so far, Katakura Kagenaga, and discovered that his grandson and namesake (Katakura Kagenaga, II) was born on my birthday in 1630. How interesting!

[I looked up the character because I was thinking maybe I could dress as one of the samurai from the show for Halloween, even though that would involve renting a costume, which I'm willing to do--although it does fly in the face of the 'cheap' motive--but would also involve (a) finding a costume rental store, which may not actually be as difficult as it sounds, but even more importantly (b) finding a costume that will fit my fat ass, which is almost certainly impossible....]

Also, I thought I'd check up on an old article I wrote for Wikipedia from a bit of translating I did a while ago on a man from a place that struck me once, and reading through it, I noticed something I hadn't before but that I think explains why I was so very fascinated by and curious about this man and his life. He's possibly a cousin (based on my instinct alone, I would like to make that a 'probably' but there's so much uncertainty about the 9th century!)!! I knew there was something there ; it's called blood.

Oh, and while we're on the topic of me and my ancestors, it occurred to me some time ago that among the 7,000+ or so ancestors whose names I know, I am the only 'Stephanie'. There are Stevens and Stephens, but no other Stephanies. I am the only one. In the whole known family, for it's whole known history.
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( Jul. 19th, 2010 07:56 pm)
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T -12 days

So, I decided to do some work pruning ye olde family tree--checking that things check out, etc, and thought of this rant about the trouble in deciding what language to use for names (OMG, Beatrices, Biancas and Isabelles!) and what practice to adopt for those who were emperors or saints (often defined by their geographical region rather than a 'surname') or didn't have last names because of whatever, what to do with regnal names ; deciding what standard to use for the names of places--the historical or modern ('Akko, Palestine' or 'Acre, Israel' ??), in English or the language of the time, the language the ancestor would have used or the language which is predominantly spoken there, now ; deciding what system to use for dates, the order of months, days and years and the notation of questionable dates ; the problems of deciding just how hard to force congruency across the entire tree or how much to allow leeway and change over time, etc. And I found something maybe kindof fun that I wanted to share.

So I'm working "top down"--which is paternally-preferentially checking back to last known persons and reviewing that birth and death years aren't too wild and that, whenever possible, documentation is attached. Let me show you the twig I was on (I've included years for some sense of realism for the skeptics ; I SWEAR I am not trying to brag about my "lineage" but I'm pretty consistently amazed by how involved my "family" has been in the history of the world so forgive me if it seems like I've lapsed from time to time...) :

Notes for reading :
All noted years are birth years, except in the format xxxx-xxxx in which the first is the birthyear and the latter is the deathyear or where preceded by "d.".
I've added some place information so you can see when the line made notable geographic shifts.
(P) = Paternal ascent, (M) = Maternal ascent. Each line is one generation, seqentially.

1. Me (1982)
2. (P) Thomas J CORWIN (1958)
3. (P) Roger D CORWIN (1932)
4. (P) Wieland W CORWIN (1897)
5. (P) William H CORWIN (1862)

6. (M) Lydia WHEELER (1840)
7. (P) Richard C WHEELER (1812)
8. (M) Lydia CHILCOTT (1780) b. in Baltimore, Maryland ; d. in Iowa, USA
9. (P) Richard CHILCOTT (1746) b. Somerset, England ; d. Union Township, Pennsylvania, USA
10. (P) John CHILCOTT (1706-1780) b. Somerset, England ; d. Western Run, Maryland, USA

11. (P) Humphrey CHILLCOAT (1666-1708) b. St. James, Anne Arundel, Maryland d. Anne Arundel, Maryland
[I'm not really sure what was up with ol' Humphrey ; he must've knocked up some girl in England on a trip back to the mother-country, but at any rate both his son and grandson followed him after he died...]
12. (P) John CHILCOTE (1639) b. & d. Somerset
[It's not clear to me how his son was born in the Americas while he was born and died in England...]
13. (P) John CHILCOT (1608) b. Somerset
14. (M) Frances ARSCOTT (1573) b. Somerset
15. (M) Mary MONCK (1544) b. Dunsland, Devon, England

16. (M) Frances PLANTAGENET (1513) b. England
17. (P) Arthur PLANTAGENET (1461ish) b. England
18. (P) Edward PLANTAGENET (1442) --this would be Edward-IV-King-of-England Edward, b. Rouen, France
19. (P) Richard PLANTAGENET (1411) b. Yorkshire [the younger]
20. (P) Richard PLANTAGENET (1376) b. Yorkshire [the elder]

21. (M) Isabel PEREZ (1355) b. Spain ; d. England
22. (P) Pedro I ALFONSEZ (1334) b. & d. Spain

And this is where I noticed something interesting :
Pedro I ALFONSEZ (1334)
Maria AFFONSES (1313-1357)Alfonso FERNANDEZ (1311-1350)
Beatriz de CASTILE (1293-1359)Alfonso O OSADO (1291-1357)Constanca DINISEZ (1290-1313)Fernando de CASTILE (1285-1312)
Sancho IV of CASTILE (1257-1295)María de MOLINA (1265-1321)Isabel of ARAGON (1271-1336) b. Spain, d. PortugalDinis of PORTUGAL (1261-1325)Isabel of ARAGON (1271-1336) b. Spain, d. PortugalDinis of PORTUGAL (1261-1325)Sancho IV of CASTILE (1257-1295)María de MOLINA (1265-1321)

Only 7 5 4 great-grandparents 'cuz two sets of siblings married and became grandparents to the same individual (Pete, for Pete's sake!)! Alfonso O OSADO and Constanca DINISEZ are siblings! So I thought, 'come now, I must've just imported some messed up data on one of my wild genealogy flings...' so I checked Wikipedia and indeed, Lizzy and Dinis had two children, a son Alfonso and a daughter Constanca. Alright, fine. [Backfilling, I've founds that Beatriz and Fernando are siblings, also...]

(By the way, she's also a saint ; but, seriously, I've lost count of how many saints there are on the tree. I think anyone who took more than three breaths was sainted, there, for a while... I find it ironic that part of what drove me to pick this up again with such a fervor was a search for Jews in the history and all I find are these damned saints... Although I did find some very special Jews through my mother's father around 200-400 CE ; but I still need to check all those links before I write more about them, and it's going back twice as far as this, so it'll take at least twice as long...)

Not only that, but Wikipedia has lots and lots and lots more genealogical information for me to add to my tree! Which is great! But time consuming... But in that, I found the really interesting part, and the thing I wanted to share with y'all :

25. (M) Isabel of ARAGON (1271) --Queen of Portugal
26. (M) Constantia of HOHENSTAUFEN (1249)
27. (M) Beatrice of SAVOY (d. 1258)
28. (P) Amadeus IV of SAVOY (1197)
29. Marguerite of GENEVA (d. 1252) and Thomas I of SAVOY (1178-1233)

...and their charming love story of kidnap!!

I also found lots more Crusaders than I had previously thought there were... bah to crusading crusaders. But, also, the more I find out about my family history and it's peculiarities, the more I find it little wonder that I have the interests I do and take the interest I do in world history and politics... it's just in the blood...

===ETA 23:25===
And now the whole day is gone... all of it... eek, I didn't really mean to spend it all like that...

I really want to take tomorrow off... I think I should be allowed to just go in whenever, since my first class isn't until 19h05... But, no, I have to be in by a-quarter-to-noon. Maybe I'll just pack some of that stuff... bah to packing [I didn't get any done, today...]

===ETA 02h34===
Well, shit! Code Geass turned out to be pretty much made completely of awesome from around ep 17 of the second season... I'm glad I didn't give up on it!


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