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( Jan. 7th, 2011 12:33 am)
Snowing, 2C (-6C)

My fuel bill for heating this past month was ridiculously huge--higher than my fuel bill for cooling in the summer. Gah.

I'm going through some sort of phase... This will all come to a head and be over, necessarily, by the end of the week. It will probably be unpleasant. But, then again, maybe it won't...

In related news, I'm having significant trouble bringing myself to care enough about cleaning up after myself to actually do it.


I meant to write about my dream before I left the apartment this morning. Now it seems less imperative to share. But I will.

At any rate, I was in Tokyo, at my new job, and became involved in some kind of alternate reality and basically ended up quitting my job and graduate school (imagine I officially got in at last and could manage to pay for it...) while asleep, but I wasn't actually asleep because I actually did quit these things and showed up to them once I was awake again only to find that I'd quit. Except while I was quitting (that is, asleep), it was definitely daylight out--I remembered quitting as some kind of dream--but the "next morning" when I went in to work I had been up and doing things accountably since just barely after dawn, so I'd personally witnessed all of the day's daylight hours and there hadn't been 24 hours between quitting and waking... This daylight trick was how I became aware of the "alternate reality" that wasn't entirely alternate since I was out of a job while awake, now, as well.

I was very confused, standing at the head of a table in some planning meeting having this all explained to me (that I'd quit already, why was I there?) when I woke up.

So, yeah.

Maybe I'll get to bed early tonight... or early-ish?

I hope there's no ice between here and the train station, tomorrow.
Partly cloudy, 2C (-1C)

So, tomorrow's my last day at work.

I'm pretty anxious I'll forget to bring something important home with me.

The week has been so terribly... normal... that's it's not hard imagining I'll forget more than once that it's my last day. I just hope I remember before it's too late/too much of a pain in the butt to rectify any forgetfulness on my part...

It's hard to stop myself staying up late to do packing and whatnot at home when I've already decided that I'm not going to spend so much time over it and will simply finish things quickly in a dense flurry of tying up loose ends. And hoping I don't leave out something important.

I need to get more drugs for sleeping on my way out of town, while I still know where to find them.

I'm going to see Unstoppable tomorrow night.

The plan is as follows :
  1. get last things from school (including shoes and calendars!)
  2. take them to my apartment
  3. have a lovely dinner (lovely-ish? if I don't make it for lunch tomorrow, instead), possibly pack away spices and oven dishes
  4. go to the movies (using one of my free passes!)
  5. come home, shower, possibly take drugs to induce sleep, possibly pack for no more than an hour
  6. wake up early Sunday (I'm thinking 7-ish) to finish off packing and make lunch
  7. send off takkyubin (between noon and 2)
  8. send off hikkoshi (they'll call in the morning, around 9, with a pick-up schedule)
  9. do move-out checklist for apartment together with company and row-house representatives
  10. leave apartment for the last time ; god willing before 4:30PM
  11. resell bicycle on the way to the train station or else leave it for quits
  12. pick up sleep-inducing pills from the drugstore to chemically aid adjustment to 6AM-mornings
  13. take train to Kyoto station
  14. BUY OMIYAGE! (1 big one for new office ; 3 small ones, one for each of the ppl who decided to hire me ; 1 small one for the company kaicho who is letting me sleep on the 3rd floor for a month--I was going to buy these tonight, but yappari, Moriyama's omiyage blow too hard)
  15. leave Kansai
  16. enter Tokyo
  17. start crazy new life full of mystery... and botulism (minus the botulism, please!!)
  18. win raffle, thereby solving all money problems : move into nice *and* convenient apartment with everything I "need" ; pay my taxes ; repay old school loans ; pay new (god willing!) tuition and textbook bills ; pay for a new suit, lunch out, and two bottles of Dr. Pepper ; etc....

And now I don't actually have time to eat a proper dinner so I'll dry my hair, finish my tea while I watch one (maybe two) eps of a happy, cracky anime then pray and god willing get good rest so I can wake up early tomorrow and make a proper lunch without risking being late to work.


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