Rainy, 4C (-2C)

So I feel like staying out all night playing this past Saturday really wasn't a waste because I went exploring, had good social interactions and talked up a storm without a lick of English for several consecutive hours on a variety of topics...

... Even though I spent more money than I should have and now I need to spend 1000yen/day or less, which is going to be tough. And my next paycheck won't even be a full one--unless the company is SUPER generous and pays me from the first since I did start work for them from the first day of the third term and they pay a monthly wage regardless of school holidays...! Anyway, woe and uncertainty is money... And I'll have to pay to move! (I hope the apartment works out and the other moving company I emailed today says they can move my stuff across town for, like, ichi-man-en or something substantially less than kuro-neko's hikkoshi service san-man-en...OMG! they want even more money!) Speaking of money, I'm hoping my last paycheck from GEOS will cover buying appliances and bookshelves. God help me.

Anyway, back to the main point : I really think it was one of those barrier-breaking kinds of nights for language exercise, etc. It also helped me boost my self-confidence a little bit. I made some Japanese friends! If only for a few hours...

The unfortunate part being that now my little brain has been running at full capacity while I'm awake thinking in/about Japanese and teaching English (but not just English and Japanese, some other languages are getting up in that mix and some of the syntax (not to mention the lexis!) in my head is getting a bit loony) and while I'm asleep having crazy nonsense dreams that are clearly my brain [re]organizing itself along these themes.

When I can sleep, that is. Which is my problem, now. I thought I was tired enough an hour and a half ago and forwent the sleep aid ; but an hour and a half later I'm no less alert--in fact perhaps more so. And that's after I read two chapters from one applied linguistics text and another chapter from a second volume. So I've taken the sleep aid, but now getting up in the morning is going to be more of a struggle... And I'll have to take pains to remember not to blow my daily budget on coffee/espresso... Oy.

Bah, you win some and lose some, I guess. There's still so much... god help me. And I already bought groceries for a fantastic taco night for tomorrow's dinner! Assembling ingredients was so much easier to do in Tokyo than anywhere else in Japan I've tried it, so far--and at least no more expensive than elsewhere.

P.S. I know of no fewer than two, TWO, sources of Dr. Pepper within 500meters. I don't even have to take a train to get to either of them!

Anyway, enough asides, I ought to try sleeping again, soon.


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