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( Feb. 15th, 2011 03:52 pm)
It's freaking cold. There was a lot of snow last night... I was happy not to die walking on the slushy roads to my new train station this morning. Yamanote line between Ueno and Akihabara is insane at a quarter past eight in the morning. I think I'll try Keihin-Touhoku line next week.

I got my last pay from GEOS ; and will be spending basically all of it on some appliances and furniture. Not even all of what I want, but, whatever. I'm getting a fridge, a stove, a heater for downstairs, a bookcase, a desk, and a deskchair. Those will all be really great to have (only one room is heated/cooled and that room is nowhere near the 'shower booth').

I still want a washer/dryer, a dresser, a bed frame, a desklamp, a floorlamp, a small sofa (I saw one for 5000yen with storage space!), a coffee table, a small rug, curtains, and lots of prints of beautiful paintings. That will all come later--I hope.

I also sent out another slew of inquiries/applications with coverletters and resumes for parttime work. Now that I've actually been accepted into the Birmingham program I'm really worried about paying for it. I don't like being poor. I don't really need to be too rich, but not poor. So, anyway, I'm trying to pick up some more work. With a little help, it'll all work out. A little more help shouldn't be too exceptional, given all the help I'm getting lately, anyway...

Tonight I hope to sort out as much of Internet reservations and whatnot as I can... but it'll still prolly take longer than I want... because I prolly need to have my actual gaijin card--it got so full of addresses that I had to register to renew it while I was living at the company. Now that I've moved, I have to re-register, again, but need to wait on the card to do that and prettymuch anything else. You're supposed to register within 10 days of moving, I can't hope to have the new card earlier than 12 days after moving. Ahhh, legal cracks. I hope that's okay as well.

Nobody I invited to go to Kariyushi said they'd go, so my reservation stands at one. Whatever. I'll have my own celebration and maybe make some more one-night friends. I find it somewhat humorous how my life has [d]evolved from one-night stands and sexual liaisons to one-night friendships to one-night acquaintances. Good thing I don't like cats all that much and can therefore never become a "cat lady".

I'm tempted more and more to try to start some kind of relationship ; but I know better than that so thusfar I've managed to avoid it. Anyway, time to go give away all my money in exchange for some other stuff.

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