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( Mar. 11th, 2011 06:03 pm)
Light rain, 9C (2C)

Right, so those earthquakes weren't just me.

This is a general announcement that all's well with me and there's no need to worry. I've been riding it out in my seismic-coping building and haven't even been out--staying in is actually safer than leaving because the streets I live on are already narrow.

There were two or three particularly big ones--the biggest seemed like a 7.5 by the time I felt it here in Tokyo and shook for quite a long time--it was really strange because I could feel it coming by quite a distance--the others were around 6.0s. The aftershocks are all around 3.5s to 4.0s, after an hour like that they're finally weakening a bit... I sometimes hear emergency response sirens and helicopters are circling the area pretty regularly. No debris or anything in the streets, some locals seem to be a bit upset as I hear some commotion from time to time and more foot-traffic than usual. I haven't checked on train service, actually...

Gas was turned off basically immediately--when it comes back on I plan to take a shower--but water and electricity are still available and I don't foresee them becoming unavailable.

To avoid high-tension crowds and whatnot I haven't even left and canceled my plans to go out to do laundry, run some errands, and go out to synagogue tonight. All but synagogue will just have to wait until tomorrow [synagogue until next week]. Some stuff has fallen but nothing's broken and after every three or four aftershocks I go push the books back into my bookcase. I'm rather impressed with my building's earthquake riders, actually--and it's only one year younger than I am!

There are lots of aftershocks, though. It'll prolly cause trouble trying to sleep, tonight.

I'm supposed to go teach at a school literally on the banks of the Edo-gawa in Ibaraki-ken on Monday. I should prolly try to get some kind of damage/status report before I make the trip out there since it seems to be in the area where some of the initial tsunami struck. Otherwise--you coastal folks get out of the damned way.

P.S. Internet's on at my place... now to get wifi set up... hmm...


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