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( Mar. 16th, 2011 01:33 pm)
Mostly cloudy, 10C (9C)

So aftershocks aren't aftershocks so much anymore as they are separate earthquakes (although weak). Last night there was a 6 out of Shizuoka-ken, about an hour ago there was a 5.5 out of Chiba-ken. These are not on the same fault line as the 9.0 from Friday but are obviously related ; after all, 13feet of the Japanese plate slid under the Pacific plate it's to be expected that the other lines will need to adjust a little as well. At least the winds--which have picked up--are still out of the SSE. (LoL! As soon as I wrote that, it shifted to NNW!) Oh, yeah... and *loads* more emergency sirens, today.

I did go out for an errand and some shopping (even though I don't need groceries until Sunday, I was curious to see what state the supermarket is in). Lots of shelves are empty, others are not. Cup noodles are popular, but canned asparagus is not. Fools. I did get footwarmers, though, which are already making my electrical conservation efforts more comfortable. Tonight it's supposed to drop to 1C.

My night school kids are still graduating tonight. I'm looking forward to going.

When I was at Tulane, I had another such occasion. My adult literacy students were graduating from the program. I heard afterward that my students had been really disappointed that I wasn't there. I thought it wasn't any more important to them than my own graduation ceremonies were to me. I guess I was wrong about that. So since then I've wanted the opportunity to sortof repair that error in judgment. Tonight's my chance.


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