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Now... I'm not going to be unreasonable and say it's the worst haircut I've ever had in my life--there's always that time when I was eight years old and had the fantastic idea of layering bangs and simply *could* *not* *wait* to try it out so continued to do so on my own--but while I'm being honest, it's also not really what I wanted.

And there's lots of shakka-shakka, which I can't friggin' stand, but it was clear that it would just be asking too much to tell the hairdresser to knock it off. Also, this is the third time I've had a cut/styling here in Japan and the overwhelming instinct seems to be for them to fuwa-fuwa-fy my hair. I'm not not such a damned girly-girl. I like sleek, angles, integration, clean and trending toward compact or inward-pointing ; not poofy, wavy, fluffy, blended, outward-pointing, fuzzy-lined... anyway.

The good thing about hair, of course, it that it grows. So maybe at the endin the middle of summer (in three or four months or so), I'll go somewhere trendy in Shibuya and try again. I did go ahead and have it colored--this place is convenient to my apartment and so is also on the cheaper side. The color isn't really what I wanted, either, but it's not bad [not nearly as bad as shakka-shakka!] and I'm sure I'll come to appreciate it more than I do right now.

I'll have to figure something out about these bangs, though... maybe a better-defined part and a little flatter...?

Whatever, I'll deal with that later. Have the first blossom on my sakura-bonsai :

Nice, y/y?


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